Campaign Press Release: Campaign Committee Established

What follows is a press release being issued to the media today (this can be found on my main website,


       JAMESTOWN/ADAMS FARM (7 September 2007) – 2008 Guilford County Board of Education at-large candidate E.C. Huey today took another step towards officially kicking off his campaign by filing initial mandatory campaign finance documents with the Guilford County Board of Elections to establish his campaign committee. The documentation is necessary for the candidate to officially begin accepting campaign donations.           

 In addition, Mr. Huey says his campaign has selected Virginia-based DonorTown Square as his official online fundraising vehicle to accept campaign donations through his Web site,          

  The candidate said today the “Friends of E.C. Huey” Committee will accept donations of any amount, but cautions that raising money will not be the prime focus of the race.      

  “While we intend to put the “fun” in fundraising, it is not our central focus. Even if we only raise a dollar, our message of putting children first in Guilford County is our top priority,” Huey said. 

            Huey said he is actively seeking volunteers for his campaign committee, including a campaign manager and treasurer. Those interested can contact the candidate through the Web site,       

      Huey, 35, is an unofficial candidate for the 2008 at-large position on the Guilford County Board of Education and will officially file for the position when the filing period begins in early 2008. More information about his candidacy, positions, published statements and blog can be found on his official campaign website:


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