Campaign Press Release: Proposed Policy Changes

What follows is a press release being issued to the news media today (this can be found on my main web site,


    JAMESTOWN/ADAMS FARM (7 September 2007) – 2008 Guilford County Board of Education at-large candidate E.C. Huey released the following statement today regarding Guilford County Schools’ proposed policy changes for the usage of school facilities and the distribution of literature to students (Proposed Policy KG and KI):           

“Public schools are just that…they’re public. We, the taxpayers, have paid (substantially) for these buildings. For government officials to impose unreasonable mandates that effectively keep the public out of these buildings in fact does the public no good.         

   “I believe a sensible policy is to have one where the continued usage of these facilities by non-profit groups is allowed. If this Board is so scared about litigation, imagine the threats that may ensue if these groups are forced out. As the parent of a Girl Scout, I am highly offended that any type of consideration of such an outrageous policy could be given.           

 “In addition, I believe the unlimited distribution of literature to students by nonprofit organizations should continue uninterrupted, not during specific periods. I fear if the latter occurs, administrators would become judge and jury and would be the determiners of what gets distributed to students and what doesn’t.”        

    Huey, 35, is an unofficial candidate for the 2008 at-large position on the Guilford County Board of Education and will officially file for the position when the filing period begins in early 2008. More information about his candidacy, positions, published statements and blog can be found on his official campaign website: 



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