“We’re making progress on passing a test”

The soundbite of the day goes to GCS Board member Garth Hebert, who told the News & Record yesterday in a story on GCS’ students surpassing test goals:

He [Hebert] was ambivalent about the district’s gains, believing a focus on exams has led to a sacrifice in arts and music education and rigor among academically gifted students.

“We’re making progress on passing a test,” Hébert said. “I don’t think we’ve made progress on education.”

Amen, Garth.

In fact, while gains were achieved at many schools countywide, there’s a lot more that needs to be done, primarily getting those repeating schools off the state’s low-performing/needs improvement list.

The time for celebrating has expired. Let’s roll…let’s get to work.

Click here for High Point Enterprise coverage. An excerpt from that article:

Terry Grier said this year was more difficult for most school systems in North Carolina because of the changes. The tests, Grier said, were a challenge, “but in spite of those difficult challenges associated with rising standards and in­creasing difficulty for teachers and stu­dents” the district was able to make prog­ress.

The test prep factories are now open.

E.C. 🙂


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