Bob Orr for Governor

As the upcoming elections approach, I will only make a handful of endorsements. One endorsement I’m making is for North Carolina governor…publicly and privately, I’m supporting republican candidate Bob Orr.

I spent some time on his Web site and companion blog and I like what I see, especially his views on education. For instance, look at this excerpt from this blog entry on democratic candidate and current Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue receiving the NCAE endorsement:

Now I really didn’t think I’d get endorsed over Bev, the darling of the NCAE but I really did believe that they should also endorse in the GOP primary. After all as I told them, what about the approximately 30 per cent of their membership who are registered Republicans. Yes, Virginia, there are teachers who are registered as Republicans and vote that way. By doing just what the Moore camp predicted, the NCAE appears to have “cooked the books” and to have once again fallen into the public perception that they are merely a tool of the Democratic Party. But, alas, that’s exactly what they did and now all those teachers across the state will not have the benefit of a real debate about the future of education and I predict will rarely see the Lt. Governor who now has that vote locked up. Once again the political gurus of the NCAE missed the boat. Too bad for the teachers.

And it is past time that we have a real debate on education issues in this state. I think Orr is the man to do just that. I also believe he is the right man to reform DPI and bring some welcome, yet much-needed changes to Raleigh. With Perdue, I just have the feeling that we’re going to get four more years of “more of the same.”

Here’s an excerpt from Orr’s Web site with his ideas on education:

We must aggressively address the drop out issue in our schools…Tests should measure our progress in realistic terms and “teaching to the test” must be curtailed…Teachers must be allowed to teach – not spend their valuable talents shuffling paperwork, directing traffic, dealing with social problems and being surrogate parents. Discipline must return to the classrooms and suspended students don’t need to be sent home or back to the streets but compelled to participate in structured classrooms where work and discipline can be maintained…An imaginative, fair system of funding public education must be created rather that [sic] the antiquated system now in place…An imaginative approach to education must be fostered with increased opportunities to form and utilize charter schools and other alternative forms of education…While pay will always be an issue for our education work force and efforts to fairly compensate those workers dedicated to educating our children are important, we must first and foremost provide a supportive, creative and nourishing environment that will encourage teachers and other school personnel to stay in the system on a career basis.

I have added Orr’s blog site and companion sister Web site to my blog roll. I hope you will join me in supporting Bob Orr, for if we have reform in Raleigh, that reform message will trickle down to every county in this state, including Guilford. Never forget, we CAN do better for our children.

E.C. 🙂


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