2008 Bond just got more expensive–watch your wallets

Okay folks, hold on to your wallets. The gang of eleven meets tonight and one thing on the agenda that will consume the bulk of their time: if the proposed-nearly-half-a-billion-dollar school bond makes it to the ballot next May, you can tack on another $15 million more to building costs.

It’s only money, right? No wait…it’s my money. It’s your money. It’s our money. Sure, it’s money going towards school construction and education…right? Or is it?

Seems as though GCS can make room for teaching Mandarin Chinese and Spanish in our middle and elementary schools, respectively, but is this happening ultimately at the expense of pushing out arts and music; something I am dead-set against? Where’s the return on our investment? I mean, educating our children is an investment, and I want to make sure we’re getting the full bang-for-the-buck, but when it comes to GCS, I don’t see it.

The added costs, GCS brass say, is due to anticipated inflation; the bond was originally scheduled to be on this November’s ballot, but was pushed aside by the County Board because not every county municipality is holding elections, unlike the May 08 ballot.

An excerpt from today’s N&R story:

“We knew this increase would happen because of inflation,” said Kris Cooke, board member. “It’s a disservice to our residents that we have postponed the referendum from November to May.”

Remember, Kris Cooke is up for reelection next year. She appears very willing to spend your money.

Here are my thoughts…if we spend less on facilities, the bond won’t be as expensive. We can build schools for $20 or $30 million like they do in Forsyth County; we don’t have to build $80, $90, and $100 million schools. A novel concept…spend less upfront, save more in the long run. This is a no-brainer, folks. And the other scary thing is that this bond is coming right at budget time. So if it doesn’t pass next May, budget discussions instantly get longer.

Better watch your wallets. There’s got to be a better way.
E.C. 🙂


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