What else happened at the 9/13/07 meeting

Three blog entries for the price of one…here we go…

1. Where’s the missing 860?

GCS brass are looking for about 860 high schoolers who haven’t yet shown up for classes. The district’s annual Day-10 Census shows total district enrollment is below projections.

An excerpt from today’s N&R story:

The school system counted 71,176 students on the 10th day of school, 1,127 students below 2006-07 projections. Grier attributed much of the enrollment shortage to high school students who haven’t returned to classes from the spring. He suspects other students have transferred to schools outside the county without notifying the district.

Could it be some disgruntled parents who put their children in private school or went to home schooling also? Possibly.

2. Policy Changes are Minimal.

The board made little change to its stance on usage of school facilities by nonprofit organizations and distribution of literature to students, and I actually agree with a comment Grier made, see this excerpt:

Discussion of both policies released a hornets’ nest of public contention without significantly changing the previous versions. Some board members questioned whether it is fair to prohibit for-profit groups from sending fliers home to parents.

Grier stood his ground, saying the district should not open more than 71,000 students’ homes to free advertising by businesses.

“If you aren’t careful with this …” he said. “that door swings wide for everyone.”

Nonprofit distribution should continue uninterrupted. For-profit distribution, I’m not so sure. I think you’re opening up a can of worms that this board is probably unprepared for.

3.  Racial incident at a GCS school?

Darlene Garrett rightfully got very emotional last night during the Board member comment period during the meeting wrapup when she cryptically mentioned an unidentified racially-charged incident took place at an unnamed GCS school. She mentioned it in context with the Jena 6 situation in Louisiana. She challenged Grier to investigate the incident and handle it immediately. Dot Kearns, Amos Quick and Anita Sharpe agreed. Deena Hayes took it one step further, saying Guilford County is not too far off, almost suggesting that racial tensions at schools in Guilford County are a step shy of Jena, Louisiana.

I would like to know the details of perhaps where this took place and what happened.

I asked before that if there were obvious cases of racism running rampant in our schools and if so, for you to please write in. I haven’t heard from anyone. And I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but I would like to hear from you, whether you’re a student or GCS staff member. You can remain anonymous. So I’m putting out the call again. E-mail me here on erik@hueyforguilfordschoolboard.org and let me hear from you.

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. 1) Will these missing 860 students be counted in GCS’ drop-out rate? They have received a reward for their low drop-out rate. Do situations like this suggest that a less than 3% drop-out rate is false?

    2) After GCS has spent hundred of millions of dollars on Deena’s racial healing program, why is she suggesting that our schools are a racial tenderbox?

  2. Look at my “conflict of Interest” entry. Because that’s how Deena is, I think she would make that suggestion no matter what; and yet I don’t see her on the first plane down to Louisiana to help fix things down there.

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