More on the GCS GANG Problem

…yes, I said GANG problem; that was for Dot Kearns. See, Dot doesn’t want to…she doesn’t want to alarm our parents. She wants to put a rosy picture on a problem that’s about to burst at the seams.

We have a gang problem in our schools. Has Dot walked the halls of any of our schools lately.

So Sheriff BJ Barnes made a presentation to the GCS Board yesterday minus any county board members (guess they don’t realize we have a gang problem in our schools either) and conducted a slide show; we will try to get a copy of that and post it here for you.

How did it go over? See this excerpt from the News & Record:

Although invited by the sheriff, none of the county commissioners attended the session, which proved a sore point when funding was brought up.

“I’m pretty disappointed with that,” Barnes said of the absences. “This is a serious problem.”

I’m becoming very disillusioned with this county board.

Another excerpt:

Barnes said teachers have called his office asking for information on gangs because there aren’t any classes or resources for them. “This isn’t a school problem. It’s a community problem,” Barnes said.

School board members said they liked the presentation — but they aren’t ready to make it mandatory for teachers.

“In order for the school board to buy in, I think it needs to be a collaborative effort between Greensboro and High Point police and the sheriff,” board member Dot Kearns said.

Kearns said any presentation should be informative without being alarmist.

“I also don’t want our presentation to frighten parents about public schools any more than they’re already frightened,” Kearns said. “We need to take this problem seriously, but I don’t want us to just alarm people.”

It is a community problem. We need to do something about it now. Stop the talking, stop the bickering, and before something serious happens this year, ladies and gentlemen of these Boards, lets be proactive and get prepared.

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Terry Grier says that they need a video to deal with the gang problem. We all know that videos are terribly expensive, so he needs funding to do it. Hey, Terry, how about using that $1+ million that you got from the High Point red light program? Short of that, I’m sure that there is a federal grant for gangs. GCS is always going for federal grants, so this would be great! The sad thing is that there probably is a federal grant for gangs.

  2. There you go, Stormy. And Sharon “Oz” Ozment gets paid the big bucks to do what?

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