Judge Manning has Spoken (and we need to listen)

Judge Howard (Leandro case) Manning ought to be running DPI.

This is the same judge who has threatened to shut down many low performing schools statewide, including Smith and Dudley H.S. This is also the same judge who once told principals to “improve or leave.”

Yesterday, he told a state education testing committee that middle schools across the state need to improve and he also said that state assistance teams are “a waste of money.”

He’s also criticizing teachers statewide.

No one was spared his anger yesterday as he said that schools are not improving as they should.

See this News 14 Carolina story (watch the video too).

An excerpt:

In the past, he has spent a lot of time criticizing principals and leadership in education all across the state, but this time he included teachers. “It’s not the teachers right to whine about it and make an excuse,” Judge Manning said. “You’re not delivering the job. It’s not getting done and it’s getting worse every year.”

Ouch! This story is developing…stay tuned.


UPDATE, 9/18/07, 3:32PM: I feel compelled to add to this because no one in the drive-by media is talking about this today…no one except for the station of record, News 14 Carolina (the only local news channel I watch) and Raleigh’s WRAL TV-5.

Does no one understand that Manning may order these schools in question shut down? And if Judge Manning orders those schools in Guilford County already on his “black list” be shut down, will it be at that time that someone gives a d**n?

Manning plans to convene a hearing next Wednesday to decide where to go from here, according to published reports.

Message to Bob Orr (GOP candidate for governor)…when you get elected next year, change the state superintendent’s position from elected to appointed, then appoint Judge Manning to head DPI, since it is him that’s calling the shots, not state supt. Atkinson, not state board chair Howard Lee.



E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. I might be stupid,but how will shutting down a school fix the problem of low performing students? Yes I said students not schools. The students in these schools are low performing because they do not want to learn. They come to school with the attitude that school is a waste of time. They defy the teachers, skip school, and do not put forth the effort necessary to succeed. The blame needs to be put on the students who have bad behavior and bad attitudes.
    We need to find an effective way to motivate and discipline these children. Sending these students to already over crowded schools will not fix the problem, it will only move the problem. Judge Manning, fix the students and you will fix the schools.

  2. It really won’t in the long run, Doug. You may reconstitute the schools (which means completely replace the entire school staff right down to the custodians) and start all over from scratch, but if you ultimately have the same problems with a newly-reconstituted staff, you have not solved the problem. I’ll give it to Judge Manning for being one to want to fix the problem, we all do. But talk is cheap. I really want to see him literally yank a school from a district. Yank it away, shut it down, empty the building, cut the power, chain the doors. Now can he do any better? I hesitate to answer that question. I don’t want to see that happen but he keeps threatening to do it. And now, he’s planning to target middle schools. Time will tell, Doug. You are right, it does start with the student, and that ultimately means taking care of business at home.

  3. No school can ever rise above the quality of its students.

    Go ahead Judge Manning. Shut down those low performing schools. Send the students elsewhere and spread the misery.

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