Grier vs. You

Thank the News & Record for giving you, the general public, the opportunity to ask “newsmakers” questions in its upcoming Sunday editions (see editor John Robinson’s blog from today for more information).

Its first newsmaker…Dr. Grier. So I submitted my questions:

I have some questions for Dr. Grier (feel free to pick any one of them):

1. Do you feel it would be more cost-efficient for GCS to outsource all of its construction/real estate affairs so that the system can concentrate on educating its children? Explain your answer.

2. With the Board’s “Discipline Task Force” already in place, don’t you think it would be effective and prudent to develop a uniform discipline policy that keeps disruptive students out of the classroom and places them in a viable alternative setting that works? If so, what policy would you like to create with the Board and will it have teeth? If not, why not?

3. No Child Left Behind is leaving many of our children behind, and yet curriculum facilitators have been cut from the budgets. Teachers are being forced to teach to the test, and to me, that is morally and ethically wrong. Would you support a change in policy that dictates more teaching to the curriculum instead of a standardized test? In addition, do you support NCLB as written?

4. Judge Howard Manning this week told a state educational testing committee this week that state assistance teams (to turn around failing schools) are “a waste of taxpayer money.” If fact, Dr. Grier, you yourself, according to articles from the Rhino Times from about a year ago, have been critical of state assistance teams. Based on this, what are your thoughts on assistance teams and Judge Manning and how will you react to any order Judge Manning gives regarding any possible takeover of any GCS facility?

We’ll see what happens.

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Great questions EC!!

  2. Thank you. I hope he gives good credible answers to them. I won’t hold my breath, but it’s nice to have hope.

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