Andrews: HP Human Relations Commission to issue public statement Tuesday

From the city of High Point:

WHO: High Point Human Relations Commission members and staff

Paul Siceloff, Chair, 870-4441; Al Heggins, Director, 883-3124

WHAT: News conference, during which the Commission will issue a statement about the nooses hung at Andrews High School

WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 25, 4 p.m.

WHERE: front steps, High Point Municipal Bldg., 211 S. Hamilton St. (Parking is available in front of City Hall and in visitor spaces in the E.Green Dr. and E. Commerce Ave. lots.)

WHY: To impress upon the High Point community the importance of all citizens moving forward in a unified effort to thwart all public displays of hate. The four nooses hung at T. Wingate Andrews High School will not serve its purpose of creating a racial divide in High Point.

Alice Smith Moore
Public Information Director
City of High Point
North Carolina’s International City
211 S. Hamilton St., P. O. Box 230
High Point, NC 27261



E.C. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. All I have to say is this: Nooses, schmoozes…it was a freakin’ isolated incident and prank, NOT a big racial incident, Deena!!!

    So High Point has a “Public Relations Committee” that cares about Andrews??? ..that’s news to me! Where have they been all this time? Andrews has been screaming out for help and only now they are here to speak on their behalf??? So no speeches on the steps of the municipal bld. for our failing children in the past but four ropes catch their attention???–SHAMEFUL!!!!! So now they will draw attention to an issue that could have stayed pretty much the non-issue that it was but instead they choose to make a media circus out of FOUR ROPES. And then the failing kids will be forgotten again. ..cause you know, it’s almost furniture time!!!!!! That’s the real point, they don’t want nooses hanging around while there’s shoppers in town! What a joke and a FARCE!!!!

  2. You get the gold star for taking the words out of my mouth.

    I know this may not be politically incorrect, but where was the HR Commission when I needed them to come into my classroom at Andrews and help my kids? When I had the state assistance team down my throat at Andrews, where was Bernita Sims when my kids needed her the most? When we all had the state team threatening to pull licensure and credentials because we had so many discipline problems in our classrooms that we couldn’t do our jobs as teachers, where was Deena Hayes? Oh sorry, MWBEs took more of a priority than the education and success of our children.

    I’m sorry, but politicians make me sick. Monday morning quarterbacks make me sick. And people who are around who only want camera face time make me very sick.

    This was a sick incident, please don’t get me wrong, but as I said yesterday, let the authorities do their job before any conclusions are drawn because this is so unfair to the Andrews family and to those children.

  3. Exactly. I don’t know why or who would put ropes at Andrews–or why of all the schools, they chose Andrews, all I know is that it’s most likely a prank that if left alone, not turned into a media circus, would most likely not occur again. There are bigger issues NOT going on at Andrews and one is EDUCATION. I’m sorry EC that no one came to your aid when you needed help at Andrews–and that was how long ago??–and still nothing has been done. It looks like possibly an Aviation magnet is coming to Andrews but all the jet fuel in the world will not change what’s NOT going on there– I repeat: EDUCATION.

    It’s a shame and you’re right–where’s Bernita, where’s Deena, where’s Dot Kearns, where’s Mayor Becky and the HP Commission team when kids fail AP classes? Where are they when Andrews repeatedly gets the label of lowest performing school in the STATE??? Where were they when Fantasia was raped in the auditorium??? Actually, where were they when the “rope” was being pulled up the flagpole??? No one gives a %*@# about Andrews and no 4PM display on the Municipal steps is going to make me believe they care now. They ONLY care about good citizen behavior during market time!!

    High Point can kiss my &$$ !!!

    They have a LOT more they should be concerned about than 4 freakin’ ROPES!

  4. You know, I’m not looking back, I’m looking ahead. And I don’t have any hard feelings, I really don’t. So no apologies are necessary, but thank you.

    But if anything, I give a ___ about Andrews, and my passion is not about face time or camera time. My passion is for every child to be educated in this county.

    Judge Manning has scheduled a hearing in Raleigh tomorrow to talk about adding middle schools statewide to his hit-list, and perhaps updating his hit-list of schools he may shut down. That’s what we need to be having news conferences about, not letting Judge Manning take our schools away. And yet, we’re okay with that, where’s the outrage there?

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