Andrews: The latest

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From across the local media desks, here are the latest stories surrounding last week’s incident:

1. News 14 Carolina. Includes coverage on yesterday’s presser by the High Point Human Relations Commission.

2. FOX-8. (see companion story with video here) Includes coverage of the Human Relations press conference, a forum at Andrews last night, and interviews with students and High Point city councilwoman Bernita Sims (remember, she said “non-minority” leaders need take a stand on this issue)

Of interest…see the video by student council leader Arlicia “Le-Le” Lindsay. She was a student of mine two years ago. I’m very proud of this young lady.

Another comment made by parent Dan Reynolds on the video: “As long as you are a minority in a majority-land, you’ll always have to deal with racial issues.” I respectfully disagree…I don’t look at myself as a minority in a majority-land. I’m sorry, but we really have to start getting beyond color in this county. I’m trying very desperately to help teach our daughter not to look at color, but in the county of Guilford, this is becoming extremely difficult to do.

3. CBS-2. Includes general updates.

E.C. 🙂


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