Another Approach to Professional Development

Consider this “Beep” in this week’s Rhino Times:

Hey, I’m a Guilford County School teacher and I am so mad I can’t see straight right now. I was just told that I am going to be mandated to attend a two-day conference in Raleigh, and, well, I’m not only mad because now it’s going to take me five hours of my own time to come up with sub plans for two days because duty-free lunch and duty-free planning is a big joke that never, ever happens, but what I’m really mad about is that my principal told me I have to pay for my own gas. There’s no money to pay for my gas to get down there. I have to pay for all of my meals for the two days. There’s no money to give me for meals, and I have a choice: either I can drive back after the first day and drive back the next morning, again, on – paying for my own gas or…If I go and get a hotel room, I have to pay for it out of my own pocket. So, for two days I’m going to have a substitute, which is a major pain in the behind, and I have to pay for my gas to Raleigh, there and back. I have to pay for all my own meals, and if I want a hotel room, I have to pay for that. Now, who but GCS could get away with treating their employees that way? I am livid.

The Rhino responded: Isn’t it odd there is plenty of money to pay for school board members and central office administrators to go wherever they want, but not a dime for teachers.

I wholeheartedly agree.

I’ve said before that if it came down to a teacher going to professional development workshops out of town or school board members going to a workshop, I would gladly yield my space for a teacher to go. At the same time, I will make a promise to you, my supporters, taxpayers and parents that I will not accept GCS taxpayer-funded money to finance any trip I make if I’m elected next year. I believe that money should go to the teachers, who need the professional development and the workshops more than board members.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. If Dot Kearns runs again, here is a prime difference between her and myself. She will gladly advocate, stomp her feet and rally for more money in the GCS travel budget, and she will gladly spend that money. And she has a history of doing just that. Remember, if she runs again, she has a record, and we’re fully prepared to exploit that record. I will not exploit your money. And I’m proud to say that. Therein lies the difference between her and myself. I’m proud to say I’m fiscally conservative and I’m prepared to put that into action. It is my pledge to you.

E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. EC, I’ll bet you wouldn’t ship my kid off across town to the “right” school either–would you?

  2. I’d have to be out of my mind if I did. I support neighborhood schools with AMPLE resources at every one of them.

  3. EC, those two sentence alone will get you elected. Thanks for seeing the obvious, that kids can bloom where they are planted….not uprooted and transplanted across town. Only a blooming idiot would think otherwise…..right, Dotty?

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