Board Agenda for 10/9/07 Meeting

Click here for the GCS BOE agenda for next Tuesday’s October 9 meeting.

Of interest is an update from the GCS Diversity Office; click here to read that memo. Lots of interesting diversity training going on at several of our schools.

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hey EC: I was reading your comments about (1) the drooping SAT scores and (2) the reduction in classroom instruction in music and art. Check out the note I left on Doug Clark’s blog about the interplay between the SAT and strong art and music programs in elementary schools. Seems like the program cuts made by the schools are likely to make the SAT problem worse!im_going_to_dis.shtml#comments

  2. If you looked at Dr. Grier’s “Q&A” in yesterday’s N&R, there was not a word about the lousy SAT scores nor the cuts in arts/music, yet he supports “educating the whole child.” It’s sad.

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