Pre-K: Building Blocks for the Future (NW Observer)

This week’s Northwest Observer has a story on GCS’ Pre-K program (click here), which has a much better focus this year. The story focuses on four Pre-K programs operating at Colfax, Oak Ridge, Stokesdale and Pearce Elementary schools.

An excerpt:

Four Pre-K programs operate in northwest area elementary schools – at Colfax, Oak Ridge, Stokesdale and Pearce, the new school on Pleasant Ridge Road. The maximum of students in each class is 18 with one teacher and one assistant.

“Pre-K is such a wonderful experience,” says Guilford County Schools Pre-K Coordinator Linda Olinger. “It helps prepare children for a successful school experience. Our focus on literacy helps assure that these children will be reading on grade level by third grade, and research shows that children who are reading on or above grade level by then will graduate from high school. So we’re helping assure higher graduation rates in the future.”

Although new at Pearce this year, Colfax has had a Pre-K program for several years. Oak Ridge added one two years ago, and Stokesdale’s opened last February. Pearce’s Pre-K was one of four new programs added this year because the N.C. Legislature made additional funding available.

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