Weekend Potpourri for 10/13/07

1. Click here for this week’s Friday Spin from GCS. Of interest, note these new principalships:

  • Ralph Kitley, current principal at The Middle College of Entertainment and Technology at GTCC since 2005, is being assigned as principal at Southeast High.  Mr. Kitley came to GCS in 1998 as an assistant principal at Northwest High School.
  • Jennifer Topper, former principal at Stokesdale and Sedalia Elementary schools as well as the founding principal of The Middle College at GTCC – Greensboro, will be assigned as principal of The Middle College of Entertainment and Technology at GTCC.  Mrs. Topper was the principal at Six Mile Charter Academy in Ft. Myers, Florida over the past twelve months.
  • Patrice Faison, current assistant principal at Ragsdale High, is the new Academy at Smith principal.  Ms. Faison has been a teacher in GCS, and worked at NC A&T State University as a clinical professor prior to rejoining the organization as an assistant principal.

2.  Also in the Friday Spin is a blurb on GCS going Wi-Fi, with all of its middle and high schools having wireless Internet access by the end of this academic year.

3. Because GCS is such good stewards of the taxpayer’s money (right, Leo?),  the GCS Board will meet in special session this coming Wednesday morning at 7:30am to complete some unfinished business leftover from the last meeting; they will meet to finalize the “repayment” plan of Eastern Guilford H.S. and send it down the street to the County Board for consideration. This ought to be interesting.

4. Finally…I’ve been analyzing the election figures today from the 2004 Dot Kearns v. Jim Kirkpatrick general election race. I see some trends automatically, but I’m not drawing any conclusions yet. I’m preparing to form a strategy, which includes identifying some key precincts across the county. I’ll keep you posted, without giving away the store to any potential opponents.

Good weekend to you all.

E.C. 🙂


One Response

  1. Mr. Huey,

    Consider the demographics of the precincts where Dot Kearns did very well. Who got those voters to the polls?

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