School Bus Safety in our Neighborhoods

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. My friend and Greensboro write-in candidate for mayor Billy “the blogging poet” Jones is advocating for safer bus stops within the city limits of Greensboro.

Specifically, Jones wants to work with Guilford County Schools and city officials to have all school bus stops marked with signage, similar to city transit buses. Jones says it is a safety issue that must be addressed. See what he’s saying on his blog today:

I don’t know why the Guilford County School System does such a poor job of training and supervising school bus drivers and as the future Mayor of Greensboro I won’t be able to exercise control over the county run school system but the City of Greensboro does have the power to tell the county where our bus stops are to be located and tell them we will.

That’s why I plan to erect school bus stop signs at every location deemed safe and necessary for the loading and unloading of Greensboro’s students so that bus drivers will know where they can safely stop. Every stop by Greensboro City Buses has a sign, school bus stops should have signs as well. As for the supervision of school bus drivers: I plan a little meeting with the Greensboro Police Department.

You know folks, part of the problem is that a majority of this area was built without sidewalks, which makes little sense in an area that’s transportation-challenged.

At the same time, we never give enough credit to all of our school bus drivers who endure intense pressure and stress to get our children to and from school in a safe manner. Like teaching, it is a thankless job, but without those drivers, we would have problems.

However, Jones makes a wider point and that’s to address school bus safety on a larger scale, and ensure the ongoing safety of our children. That’s something that can never be taken for granted. And if any of our school bus stops are a safety hazard, those concerns should be properly addressed.

E.C. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. I suspect the biggest problem we have with school bus drivers is inadequate training. As one who spent 32 years in the transportation industry I regularly see school bus drivers making the same sorts of mistakes my incoming truck driving students so often made. The difference is I was in the truck to keep them out of dangerous situations whereas our bus drivers are already hauling our most precious cargo.

    By the way, I drove a school bus in Greensboro too.

  2. Thank you for your service to our children. In fact, it is many of those behind-the-scenes employees such as bus drivers, cafeteria workers, school secretaries…all of those classified employees that keep our schools going and seem to be neglected year after year when it comes to budget time. That must change. As far as training, many of our neophyte GCS teachers aren’t getting the ongoing training and support they really need when they enter the classroom for the very first time, in my opinion.

    We seem to take for granted, in our society, the very old…and the very young. It has to change.

  3. As usual, Billy has carefully thought through the situation on making it safer for our children and come up with a great idea. I wish all the citizens of Greensboro had the opportunity to avail themselves of Billy’s strategy for solving the many problems of the average Greensboro resident. His thoughts and ideas are directed towards the average person and not the wealthy and that appeals to me.

  4. A lot of bus stops in many rural areas are marked with a sign that says “School Bus Stop Ahead.” I believe Billy is onto something, you won’t get an argument here.

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