Huge Melee at Page

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A huge fight and melee yesterday at Page High School tops our long list of stories this wet and rainy Friday. As we understand it, the fight began in the cafeteria with two girls, and then spiraled out of control to something involving nearly 30 students, and it took nearly 30 of Greensboro’s finest to break up the fight.

Unfortunately, we’re hearing that pepper spray was used and there were about six arrests. This photo, taken by the News & Record’s H. Scott Hoffmann, captures the over two dozen squad cars that responded to the scene. Here’s an excerpt from the N&R story:

Two female students with a long-standing dispute began fighting in the school’s cafeteria about 1:15 p.m., police Lt. Brian Cheek said. An estimated 25 other students got involved and the struggle spilled into the halls and spun off into three separate fights.

Cheek said the school’s student resource officer and faculty members attempted to break up the fights as additional police units were called in.

An estimated 30 officers responded and Mace was used to bring the brawl under control, though police couldn’t confirm if anyone was sprayed with the substance.

No injuries were reported.

Rumors spread that guns and knives were involved in the fight and some students relayed that information to family members by phone.

Cheek said those rumors were untrue.

Ridiculous. But here’s more insanity:

Chad Campbell, director of media relations for Guilford County Schools, said the school was not placed on lockdown and classes were dismissed on schedule at 3:45 p.m.

Campbell said students involved would be disciplined according to district policy, which carries a minimum five-day suspension.

Five days.

And then they’ll probably be right back in school, in class, in that same cafeteria disrupting school again.

This is exactly what we’ve been talking about here, folks. And this is exactly the kind of thing that the GCS school climate task force, hopefully, should be addressing. Learning cannot occur when crap like this disrupts the educational process in our schools.

Yes, I said crap.

Just keeping it real.


UPDATE: 10/26/07, 1:28PM: Not only that, I cringe when I think about the day when one of these out-of-control fights or one of these out-of-control state-mandated fire drills will end up on YouTube. Yes, I said YouTube, for the whole world to see all of our dirty laundry being aired. Just go into on your own and type “school fight” or “school cafeteria fight” or “school fire drill” in the search bar. You’ll cringe too at some of the stuff you’ll see captured on student cell phone video cameras or digital camcorders.


UPDATE: 10/26/07, 3:20PM: Looks like some of Forsyth County School’s “dirty laundry” has hit YouTube. Take a look at this brawl that was posted on YouTube last Spring at East Forsyth H.S. It is almost horrifying what is taking place in our schools.

More coverage of the Page H.S. fight here from CBS-2 (WFMY).

See FOX-8 story here.

E.C. 🙂


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