The rest of the 10/25/07 Meeting

Another late evening GCS Board meeting last night. Here’s a short roundup:

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 1. Board members, in an attempt to finalize the nearly half-a-billion dollar bond referendum, will look again at the capacity of a new Jamestown Middle School before the bond referendum final list is sent to the County Board, according to the News & Record.

But the discussion was not without squabble (or it wouldn’t be a school board meeting, right…)

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Board members Jeff Belton and Anita Sharpe got into it a little bit last night over capacity, enrollment figures and even the dreaded “R” word (redistricting) was brought up briefly.

Here we go again, folks.

Here’s an excerpt, via the News & Record, from some of that exchange:

Board member Anita Sharpe expressed concern about altering the new Jamestown, originally promised to parents on a 2003 bond.

“What would you anticipate from the community?” Belton asked.

“Outrage,” Sharpe said.

Belton: “Do you think they would prefer a population of 1,200 students?”

Sharpe: “I don’t know.”

The exchange started when Belton told Sharpe:

“I think Jamestown Middle School is too big,” member Jeff Belton said in a meeting Thursday night. “A middle school with 1,200 kids is staggering.”

Of course, if the Board remained committed to the Jamestown Middle project when the original 2003 bond passed, this discussion wouldn’t have to ensue.

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Guilford County.

Here’s more from that article:

Some students in the Jamestown area could then be redistricted to Allen Jay Middle, which is being used by Union Hill elementary students until their new school is completed in early 2009, Belton said.

Whoa…stop the tape…that’s where that “R” word came in.

Mr. Belton, with all due respect, that’s where you and I must part ways, and I’m sure my very politically-active neighbors here in the Brook Run subdivision of the north Jamestown/Adams Farm area will disagree with you as well. This redistricting gib-gab must stop, and as you know, my platform is for neighborhood schools with ample resources, supplies and manpower at each GCS school to ensure the success of those schools and the academic achievement of every child.

Why isn’t this a no-brainer to some on our board, still?

By the way, this is being debated on the N&R’s Chalkboard.

2. The Board approved a budget of over a quarter of a million dollars to pay for a new twilight high school scheduled to open right after the Holidays, with the money coming from leftover Mission (im)Possible funds, the N&R says.

3. The N&R reports the Board will receive a $37,500 settlement from Winston-Salem’s Lyon Construction after they were sued last year for structural flaws found at Eastern Middle School. Roughly $9 million was spent last year to repair flaws found in the gymnasiums, cafeterias and classrooms at Eastern, Hairston and Kernodle middle schools. By the way, those three schools have roughly the same design.

It’s only money.


UPDATE: 10/26/07, 4PM: Back to number 1 for a minute…and the more I look at these comments from Board member Belton, the angrier I get. And I thought Belton was one of the more level-headed guys on the Board. I guess I was wrong.

You see, folks, it’s easy for some on the Board to throw out the “R” word…because it’s not their kid. Those of you on the Board reading this posting (and I know many of you on the Board are readers of this blog), it’s not your children who will possibly be affected by a redistricting…it’s my kid. It’s my child. It’s my neighbor’s child. It is other people’s children. And we’d better make sure that every single alternative has been examined before ANY talk of redistricting should take place.

Once again, the taxpayers of the Peoples Republic of Guilford County have been taken to the cleaners because of the inept ability of our elected school board to properly fund, build and manage a construction project…and this is yet another reason why all construction and real estate matters should be outsourced from the school system instantaneously.

I’m furious. I’m sick of this. And this makes me want to win next year’s election even more. I hope I have your support.

E.C. 🙂


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  1. OH yes, you’ve got my support! I’m also sick of the “NIMBY” redistricting philosophy of some on the BOE.

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