State sees gains in ‘highly qualified’ teachers (N&R)

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The News & Record is reporting that GCS has 99% of its teachers designated as “highly qualified” by the federal government (for No Child Left Behind-Leaves Many Children Behind purposes). In addition, they report that about 97% of the teachers in the state have this designation.

Link to full article here. See this excerpt:

Guilford County Schools came closer than the state to meeting the requirement last year: 99 percent of its 3,627 core teachers were highly qualified. That number fluctuates because of turnover and district officials are currently working to certify 80 of roughly 700 special education teachers, said Betty Anne Chandler, director of the exceptional children services.

“This district has done a tremendous job of making sure we get highly qualified teachers in the classroom,” Chandler said.

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