A Page Parent Speaks Out (N&R)

http://bjimg.sv.publicus.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=BJ&Date=20071026&Category=NRSTAFF&ArtNo=71025045&Ref=AR&MaxW=360&Border=0 This story just won’t go away. And it shouldn’t.

Because it is this image alone (credit H. Scott Hoffmann, News & Record) that needs to continuously be plastered all over the place for every parent, every taxpayer, every school board member to take notice of what’s going on inside our schools.

The big cafeteria brawl at Page High School a couple of weeks ago is now bringing out parents of Page students, some are supportive of the administration’s efforts to restore order.

Here’s a counterpoint in today’s News & Record:

Response to school fight swift, effective

The following is a Counterpoint:

By Anita Bachmann

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the leadership of Page High School and the Greensboro Police Department for their very swift call to action and response to the unfortunate events that occurred at Page on Oct. 25.

The fighting and disruption that occurred that day were very disconcerting and presented a very dangerous environment for everyone. The immediate call by school leadership and the school resource officer for additional assistance, upon recognizing the severity of the issue at hand, was extremely critical in gaining control of the situation. Likewise, the very swift response by the 30-plus Greensboro police officers was also critical in dealing with this potentially dangerous situation.

In addition to managing the various situations that occurred that day, they made sure that the students who were not involved remained as secure as possible. Upon restoration of order, the school staff and police officers made time to go to the classrooms and to escort students for bathroom breaks, as needed. Additionally, the police officers returned the following day, monitoring hallways and the school grounds, again, to ensure safety.

On behalf of many parents, thank you to the Greensboro Police Department, the school leadership and our school resource officer for working so quickly and efficiently to ensure the utmost safety of our kids every day at Page High. Your commitment and dedication to our school’s safety on a daily basis is to be commended.

It is unfortunate that such oversight is needed, and we are very thankful for your presence and support. I am hopeful that incidents such as this will be a “call to action” by our school board to take a “zero tolerance” approach in these situations.

The writer is a parent of a Page student.

To which a respondent wrote:

yard dog said:

“Upon restoration of order, the school staff and police officers made time to go to the classrooms and to escort students for bathroom breaks, as needed.”

Students in American schools needing police escorts to go to the bathroom?
The inmates are running the asylum.


The inmates are running the asylum.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that phrase uttered inside a school building over the past three years, I would be rich.

I subbed at a GCS school once and a teacher openly said that phrase to me in the hallway. I didn’t know what they were talking about…until the next day when I was on the floor trying to help break up a fight in the classroom I was subbing in. That same teacher, who helped me break up the fight, mentioned that phrase again.

We must remember that these are children, and many of our children need guidance and support and some of our children need direction…the right kind of direction. We’re not expelling our children, our alternative educational settings are not working properly, so the end result are scenes like the one above. Until GCS gets serious about creating a disciplined, orderly, non-disruptive environment where our children can learn, scenes like this will continue to occur.

E.C. 🙂


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