In defense of Page (N&R) More letters coming out in defense of Walter Hines Page High School, via today’s News & Record:

Page and other schools focus on achievement

Recently I had the pleasure of spending the day at Page High School. My belief that Page is an excellent school was reinforced by my observations that day.

In each class that I visited, I witnessed good teaching, interactive learning and responsible behavior. The students, teachers and administrators seemed to take great pride in being part of an institution that was obviously meeting its intended goals.

It is very unfortunate that just days before some uninformed people may have harshly judged Page based on the momentary irresponsible actions of a few. In addition to Page, I have been in several schools in Greensboro this year. Each has been focused on preparing its students to achieve success in the academic setting as well as in society at large.

Rina “Jacke” Baumann

The writer is a former teacher.


I’m not saying Page is a bad school. We don’t have “bad” schools, we don’t have “bad” children.

We do, however, have schools that have challenges. And we do have students in these schools that have challenges.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Colfax Elementary School, an “opt-out” school for this academic year, is one such school where we’re hearing of increased problems with school discipline.

All I’m saying is that we as a public, and those elected to serve our children, must realize that we need to craft a plan as to how to deal with these challenges in our schools…and do it quickly. That’s all. No one’s trying to beat up on Page, I’m not trying to beat up on Page, or any school for that matter. There are good things happening at Page…and just about every GCS facility. And once we stamp out and eradicate the negative, we can focus on the positive.

Our children are at stake…and the stakes are high.

E.C. 🙂


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