Jones fire labeled arson (N&R)

(courtesy: Nelson Kepley, N&R)

Principal Bea Jones…at Jones Elementary School (no relation)  in Greensboro was premature in her assumption about this morning’s fire that destroyed a classroom trailer and damaged an adjoining trailer…it was not vagrants, as she told the News & Record this morning.

It was arson. This was deliberate. And yet again, GCS needs to check its fire insurance policy.

Damage estimates are in the $55,000 range, according to an updated N&R story.

See this excerpt:

An early-morning fire that damaged two trailers at Jones Elementary School was arson, a fire department official said.Assistant Fire Chief David Douglas said investigators have ruled out accidental causes and believe the fire was intentionally set. Douglas said officials were still in the early stages of their investigation and declined to elaborate Tuesday afternoon concerning what kind of evidence investigators found or how the fire was started.

The fire, which caused an estimated $55,000 in damages, was reported at 5:19 a.m. and under control within 40 minutes. There were no injuries, Douglas said.

This is cause for concern, no one just starts setting schools on fire at 5am.

We’ll let the investigators do their work and we’ll be on top of this story.

E.C. 🙂


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