Orr says education responsibility rests with governor (N&R)

Two postings about Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Orr in one day…

 Orr told News & Record Raleigh correspondent Mark Binker recently that the prime responsibility for public education in North Carolina rests with the governor.

Orr’s thinking leads the average bystander to suggest that the role of the “elected superintendent of public instruction” needs to be absolved into the governor’s role.

 I tend to agree. Just what is June Atkinson’s role anyway and why is this position an elected position? It should not be.

 Same question…what is State Board of Education chairman Howard Lee’s role?

I agree with Orr…there’s too many people in Raleigh trying to stir the same pot and our children (once again) are being left behind.

An excerpt from Binker’s blog (listen to the audio while you’re there):

It turns out, Orr has a not-so-rhetorical answer. There are too many players, he said, with some kind of responsibility and oversight for the state’s educational system. That lets people hide from responsibility he said.

“There needs to be a consolidation of responsibility and the ultimate responsibility needs to rest with the governor,” Orr said.

Slam dunk, if you ask me.

E.C. 🙂


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