Hallway Brawl at Southern High

Problems at Southern Guilford H.S. tops our news list today.

Seems as though about 12 girls tussled and tangled in a hallway at the beginning of the school day today, the News & Record is reporting. It started as two girls fighting, then escalated to 12. Sheriff’s deputies were called to the school to transport those being charged.

James Gibson Principal Jim Gibson said it is likely all 12 girls will be charged.

An excerpt from the article:

No weapons were involved and the girls were pushing and punching at each other, Gibson said. The fight was broken up and Guilford County Sheriff’s deputies were called to transport those who are being charged.

“It completely disrupted the entire school,” Gibson said.

All 12 will probably be charged, Gibson said. It was unclear Tuesday morning what the girls would be charged with. Those who were over 16 were arrested, he said. Most of the students involved in the fight were over 16, he said.

Gibson said all face suspension and several may receive long-term suspensions.

There were no major injuries. Most of the girls sustained minor scrapes and bruises.

Because there were so many students involved, it was hard to determine exactly what took place, Gibson said.


A bit of irony here…scuffles like this is exactly what the GCS school climate task force is charged with exploring, in terms of school discipline and restoring order in our schools and classrooms…but the turnout has been remarkably low at the public meetings in which the task force has been asking for public input. See this News & Record story for more.

An excerpt from this article:

The board charged a committee of school employees, community members and law enforcement officers in April with seeking public input and recommending ways to improve school climate and to reduce student suspensions.

“I am disappointed that more parents are not coming to these forums,” said [Terrina] Picarello, task force co-chairwoman. “If we have citizens that want to complain but not show up and make any changes, then we need to know that’s where we are.”

About 31 people — mostly task force and school board members — attended a forum at Grimsley High School on Tuesday, a step up from the “terrible” turnouts Picarello described at two previous meetings held at a High Point church and Eastern Middle School.

At least two more forums are scheduled: 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 29 at Southern Middle School and 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 6 at the Roy B. Culler Senior Center in High Point.

The task force also plans to survey teachers, students and parents this year about how they perceive classroom environments.

“I’m most worried about the parents because if we don’t have enough numbers to make it statistically significant, then it’s not worth it,” Picarello said.

More than likely, I will attend the Nov. 29 meeting at Southern Middle since it’s close to me. In addition, there’s a strand on the N&R’s Debatables Blog regarding this…good comments too. Also see the N&R Chalkboard on this.


UPDATE: 11/15/07, 9:18AM: Here’s a N&R update story, with a complete rundown of charges among the students involved. One student was also busted with pot while another was caught with a knife. To think you’re trying to get a multi-million dollar bond passed next year and you have crap like this going on (yes, I said crap)…this bond is DOA.

Another companion strand on this just opened on the N&R Debatables blog.

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. The news and record article puts the girls names, ages, and address. Are they allowed to put ALL that informantion? Along with attaching names to the weapon and drug possesions??? It seems like theyres some violation there, considering they are all under 21.

  2. I believe the cut-off is either 13 or 15, if they’re under that age, then they can’t be publicly identified. Unfortunately if they’re publicly charged, then it’s public information. As crazy as that sounds, the N&R can do it.

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