Welcome…to the new folks

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We have logged over 320 visitors over the past three days alone to this site…so for those of you that are new…welcome aboard.

We hope something that is said or shared here will touch you or inspire you…to get active, to get involved, to help enrich and touch the life of a child in a Guilford County School, or to hopefully offer to get involved with this campaign or send in a donation. I’m still looking at potential campaign managers also (e-mail me if you are interested in talking about this further) and other volunteers.
I will have more campaign tidbits to share with you as the filing date gets closer, remember, we file for this race in February for a May primary. Whether or not the incumbent (Dot Kearns) decides to run or not (she has not decided yet), we’re in this for the long haul. This will be a race of issues and ideas.

December 5 will mark one year that I’ve been “pre-campaigning” (I can’t believe it’s been a whole year). And as a result, this campaign has the set the bar pretty high in terms of issues that need highlighting involving our children. I’m proud at how far this campaign has come, and in the coming days, I will highlight more of the accomplishments that have taken place in this past year.

One additional note…I’ve received some inquiries as of late from various interested parties in wanting to do interviews. I will accommodate as many of your requests as I can. Just a reminder that any statement I make on this blog or my website is all on the record, as long as this site is given attribution.

Now…for a weird request…but stick with me here. I’m in need of a donated laptop. Yes…you may be one that has recently upgraded to another machine or you may be a data-dink or an IT person that has an old spare machine sitting in a corner collecting dust. My current machine, that I use a lot in the classroom as well as the presentations I’m starting to do with small groups and meet-and-greets, is getting ready to spazz out on me. I picked it up used at a city auction and it is showing its age. No bells or whistles, just something basic. So if you have a used machine that you really don’t want to just toss in the trash, e-mail me and let’s talk.

E.C. 🙂


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