At ‘Youth Night,’ children hear a message of hope (N&R)

 Here’s a case of what’s right with our children.

Greensboro branches of the Boys & Girls Clubs (of which school board vice-chair Amos Quick is the executive director) alone with the YWCA of High Point sponsored youth nights last night among both cities.

Of the children gathered at a church on E. Lee Street in Greensboro, the message they received was about hope.

See this excerpt from the News & Record:

“I feel like it’s necessary to concentrate on these kids who are doing positive things, who have good grades, who honor their mothers and fathers,” said Sabrina Abney, one of the event organizers from the Salvation Army and Boys & Girls Club. “There’s so much concentration on the negative. But in there tonight, we had 6-year-olds sitting quietly and listening for two hours, and they’re getting a good message. These are good kids.”

The church’s pastor, Otto D. Harris III, said he agreed.

“What events like this show these kids is that the community has hope in them,” Harris said. “When we ask who has all A’s and B’s and they raise their hands, they need to see that we’re proud. And they need to see each other raise those hands. Then, they know they’re not alone. They’re not ashamed to achieve something.”

E.C. 🙂


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