Newbie Teachers called into question (CBS-2)

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. CBS-2 WFMY is taking a unique spin this evening on the two isolated incidents of teachers having meltdowns. Read and watch the story here.

This latest story quotes Dr. Dorothy Leflore at North Carolina A&T State University, who says: “The training gap leaves some teachers more apt to make mistakes.

“You may not be as prepared to handle the day-to-day operation of the classroom in terms of planning in terms of discipline,” Leflore said.

A larger excerpt from the story:

Experts say recent accusations of teacher misconduct in Guilford County, could mean teachers weren’t prepared for the job. Wednesday, a teacher at Dudley High School resigned after he was accused of punching a student.

Guilford County Schools suspended a teacher at Smith High School after students say she cursed at them.

Nineteen percent of Smith’s teachers lack full certification.

The rate is 29% at Dudley.

The district average is 12%.


Plain and simple, our new teachers (and our veterans) are not getting the emotional, parental, administrative and supply support they need, and what we’re seeing is clear evidence of that lack of support.

E.C. 🙂


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  1. Erik,

    Could you investigate the professional background on Dr. Child? It would be enlightening to know how long she has been a teacher, what her training and qualifications are. How did she happen to get to Smith? Was she Mission Possible hire and placed at Smith as a result? She seems to be a good individual, who took the position at Smith because she cared about the students, so what is the story?

    It appears that Dr. Child is likely an amiable-type individual. She appears to be a caring individual looking to make a difference. What we know about people with that particular social style is that when they are pushed and stressed, their back-up style is to go postal, which is what Dr. Child did. We are always surprised that people with a caring and amiable demeanor go off like that, but we shouldn’t be, if we understand social styles.

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