Grier’s going to do it anyway

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. So it is a given that Terry Grier did not look at the John Locke Foundation’s report which says that an extended school day does not necessarily translate into better performance.

This is the report Grier does not want you to see. But I want you to see it.

Because he’s determined to do whatever he wants to do and will strong-arm our school board to go along with whatever he wants to do…I can’t wait until May.

Today’s High Point Enterprise reports on Grier’s strong desire to make this happen, during an afternoon briefing yesterday at Central Office.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. HPE: Superintendent Terry Grier re­iterated again Monday his interest in lengthening the time students spend in the classroom.
Grier is considering putting money in next year’s budget to expand the traditional school calendar an extra 20 days. Making the school day an hour longer at select elementary and mid­dle schools also is being studied.
Grier said during an afternoon meeting with staff and school board members that low-performing schools would be targeted under his proposal.
Extended-year schools already exist in Guilford County, including Johnson Street Global Studies and Brooks Global Studies. Grier wants more schools to add on the additional days. For now, the school system will pilot an extended-year cal­endar at Ferndale Middle and Washington Elementary that will apply to students in the newly developed mag­net programs at those schools. “For those two schools, that’s our plan,” Grier said during the meeting.


Where oh where is the backbone from the Board?

E.C. 🙂


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  1. Absolutely – any type of practice has to be excellent for more of it to be worthwhile. Before extending a school day, a district generally has to shore up its approach so they can get the most out of the extra time.

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