New Magnets–Your thoughts

GCS wants your thoughts on new proposed magnets…here we go again; boutique magnet programs.

The News & Record is reporting that GCS is seeking public comment on attendance zones for six schools that will add magnet programs next school year. See this excerpt:

The Board of Education plans to put the zones out for public comment at its regular meeting on Dec. 3. School officials already have started meeting with principals, teachers and parents to plan and promote the magnets.

They include an aviation academy at Andrews High, a science and technology program at Welborn Middle, a Montessori program at Washington Elementary and preparatory International Baccalaureate curricula at Northwood Elementary, Hairston Middle and Ferndale Middle.

“We want to make sure every single school has the ability to get the word out about who they are,” said Tony Burks, magnet director for the school system.

The U.S. Department of Education awarded $8.3 million to Guilford County Schools this fall. The grant includes $1.5 million for planning this year, with the rest spread out over the next two years.

Check out the proposed attendance zones here.


E.C. 🙂


6 Responses

  1. From the High Point Enterprise

    “Grier wants more schools to add on the additional days. For now, the school system will pilot an extended-year cal­endar at Ferndale Middle and Washington Elementary that will apply to students in the newly developed mag­net programs at those schools.
    “For those two schools, that’s our plan,” Grier said during the meeting.”

    Just so everyone has an idea of where I stand, if this is the case read my lips NO MONEY! Help I am trapped in a nut house packed by fruits. It appears the chef is baking a fruitcake for Christmas. Some are thinking I am to vocal, well hang on to your pocket book I am tired of biting my tongue and if someone hasn’t figured it out, maybe the commissioners could strip another 8 million from spending next year. As my sons would say “duck”.

    Signed, very ticked off Board Member!

  2. Good for you, Garth…take off those gloves and come out swinging!

  3. According to Terry’s plan we will punish kids who want to attend Ferndale’s supposed pre IB feeder program by requiring them to attend longer. I find it ludicrous when the research shows that those that show any real benefit from extended days are those needing most remedial help, not IB candidates.

    Our kids are already so under challenged in middle school they are expiring from boredom. AL has been trashed by the administration, excellence is meant to say that we can excellently challenge our kids to meet minimal federal and state test passing standards. We now call teaching the same material, giving more meaningless homework and offering harder tests AL curriculum. Is everyone in education this naive? What kid hasn’t figured out that AL translates into Absolutely Ludicrous punishment of anyone crazy enough to buy into the scheme? Terry, Let My Children Go! Can we not seek real excellence? How about taking our 2 or 3 real AL teachers, set them in a room and let them think of a solution with real advanced curriculum and real learning and keep the Board and Staff away? Free these young minds from the bondage of short sighted adults! Enslaving them into longer days and longer bus rides and longer school years is cruel and inhuman. We are already one of the worst nations in the world for time in classrooms per student.

    I know, the Japanese do it. If one were to take the time to study the Japanese education system in it’s world renown form they would find less time in school per day than typical American classes which share the longest day with France. Germany and Japan have far shorter days, more recess time and more personal elective or club time. They do have fewer Holidays, but are switching over to mirror the US more as they have found the stress imposed on their middle and High School students is having a detrimental effect on the population. They truly challenge all their students in a competitive environment beginning with middle school, but even then they encourage electives and clubs.


  4. Garth: I continue to be impressed with your willingness to dialog with the community! Certainly higher test scores are important. However we cannot sacrifice innovation and creativity. Studies show art, music, drama, etc., build a variety of intelligences. The recent cuts to these programs impoverish our students.

  5. There is a Yahoo! Group available to anyone with a child who is currently or may be designated to receive Advanced Learning services from the Guilford County School (GCS) system. The purpose of the site is to share and provide support for matters related to Advanced Learning and gifted education. Please note that this site is not affiliated with the school system and is maintained by parents of AL students. It is available to provide another avenue for communication and additional information/guidance/support. It’s a great way to have online discussions with and learn from other parents across the County. This site also serves in support of the GCS Plan for Advanced Learner parent and community involvement criteria.

    If are an AL stakeholder, visit to request membership. If you request membership, please indicate your connection to the GCS AL program.


  6. Garth, I agree with you wholeheartedly and I’m with you 100%. VSN is part of the scenario, and remember that VSN was trashed last year by a certain board member.

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