Regional Briefs for 11/27/07

Scanning the wires to continuously give you the best variety of public school news… 1. A task force in Lexington will study the problem of low graduation rates at the city-run schools there. This, from the Winston-Salem Journal…the task force will be comprised of parents, students, community leaders and school board members.

W-S Journal: In February, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction released graduation figures, which showed that 43.7 percent of freshmen at Lexington Senior High School graduated in four years.

It was the lowest rate in North Carolina. Statewide, 68.1 percent of high-school students graduated in four years. The figures covered students who started high school in 2002 and graduated in 2006.

The latest figures, released in September, showed that the graduation rate at Lexington City Schools had improved to 62.1 percent. The figures covered students who were freshmen in 2003 and graduated in June.

The low graduation rate for 2006 seniors prompted school officials to form the task force and look for ways to improve the rate.

Community leaders and school officials said that not much value had been put on getting a high-school diploma because the city’s once-booming manufacturing base almost guaranteed decent-paying jobs to people who didn’t graduate.

43.7 percent…that is frightening!


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 2.  Garner wants a say on school diversity. The News & Observer reports the Wake County town wants a stronger say-so on the percentage of low-income students in its two schools.

N&O: The Board of Aldermen voted last week to require the school district to reduce the number of poor children at Aversboro and Smith elementary schools in exchange for permits allowing construction work to be done at those schools.

Though it is uncertain whether these conditions are legally enforceable, town leaders say they at least want to send a message that they’re tired of so many pupils from low-income homes being bused in from Southeast Raleigh.

“It’s part of the process that we’ve been doing to get the school board’s attention,” Mayor Ronnie Williams said Monday. “It sends the message that we’re committed to getting the free- and reduced- lunch percentage down.”

Williams said he considers the votes symbolic, but other town officials said they were ready to go to court.

“They can challenge it in court to see whether it can be enforced, and that will make things worse,” Mayor Pro-Tem Gra Singleton said.

The vote surprised school officials although they have known for several years that Garner officials have been getting increasingly unhappy about the demographics of the town’s schools.

******************************* 3. Three cheers for Randolph County in its early, aggressive start in its plans for its summer programs next year.  Today’s High Point Enterprise reports the school system plans full-day summer programs, and will incorporate exercise fitness, which will be related to the reading/writing curriculum.

HPE:  Pat Foust, assistant super­intendent of curriculum and instruction, said she wanted parents to take note of when summer school starts and to put the date on their calen­dars.
“They have a general idea of which children will be the ones that might not make it through those gateways,” Foust said.
Summer school will be held in each of the quadrant areas, though the specific locations have not been established until the number of students who need the school is deter­mined.
Summer school will also be offered at the Randolph Early College High School, though it will depend on the number of students attending.


E.C. 🙂


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