Saving the Music: Oxymorons Abound

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The contradictions at GCS are so thick, you can cut them with a knife. Apparently, we were talking about this very thing two years ago.

(recent coverage on saving the music/saving the arts can be found here and here)

Refreshing your memories from two years ago, here is a link to the News & Record’s Chalkboard blog, in which former education reporter Bruce Buchanan inks a post (and story) on then-the number of students taking cultural arts classes on the increase, despite the then-non push by GCS to increase cultural arts offerings.

So if our children were enrolling in these classes and programs at a steady clip two years ago, why hasn’t anyone downtown been paying attention, instead of trying to cut back on these classes?

Again, cue the cricket sound effects.

Being asleep at the wheel does not win elections. But getting involved…does. Go to “Save GCS Arts” (at to learn more and to get involved.

E.C. 🙂


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