Teachers on the Brink–Rhino Readers Speak

http://www.myfoxwghp.com/myfox/photo_servlet?contentId=4945860&version=1&locale=EN-US&subtype=MIMG&siteId=1009&isP16=true Lots of support coming in for Dr. Evelyn Fair from the Rhino Times.

This week’s Rhino Times’ Sound of the Beep had several callers who were outraged at what happened…but more outraged at how GCS treated Dr. Fair, whereas very little response to the students.

In short, Dr. Fair had a bad day at the office…was this a reason to throw her under the bus? No.

BTW, these are all genuine callers, all anonymous…you be the judge..here we go:

Scott [Yost], if I was a school teacher, I would refuse to teach any of these children. The tape I’ve been hearing on TV, that sounds like a set-up job. They went in there with a tape recorder and got that teacher all irate as they called it. I would be irate to even teach them, let alone drive a school bus or anything pertaining to them. They’re monsters.


In reference to the incident at Dudley and Smith High School, I taught at Dudley High School for 16 years. My mother and first cousin taught at Smith for years. We found that a large percentage of the so-called students at these two schools are belligerent, undisciplined, nonacademic and ill suited for the expectations and rigors of a classroom. A reshuffle of faculty and administrators has never enhanced these schools. The caliber of the student population remains constant or worsens with each passing year. Guilford County should thank the heavens some poor soul is courageous enough, naive enough or desperate enough to work one day at these institutions of terror. Under no circumstances would I ever again even dart into the doors of these places, much less work there. My advice for all of these abused and terrorized teachers at Smith and Dudley is to walk out today. Let those belligerent so-called students continue down their poverty and prison paths. Teachers, your mental and physical health is not worth …

My recommendation to the Smith and Dudley teachers is for every single one of you to walk out of those institutions. I’m not going to say institutions of education. Your lives are endangered. To all prospective teachers, there would be no amount of money that the school system could offer to me to go to those schools to teach. I have been at both of them. They’re horrible. Now, for the education professors at A&T, and for the school board members, and for Dr. Grier, since all of you seem to know so much about how to handle the problem, I suggest you come down from your ivory towers and you go show us how you …


Yes, I’m calling in defense of the teacher who was suspended without pay for handling the kids. The school system is unfair. These kids are bad. Just look at her. She’s in school with a cell phone when she should be in school, and, plus, the teacher is surrounded by 40 students. Greensboro school system needs to act like they know what time of day and some people need to stop always screaming racism, because the children can push you on the edge. Thank you.


My husband and I would like to extend our support and prayers to Dr. Evelyn Fair from Smith High School, her being suspended without pay is utterly absurd. She probably had reached her limit of dealing with slack behavior, teenagers of all races are extremely disrespectful and disruptive. They pay no attention to rules. For example, what was that student doing with her cell phone on in class in the first place? Is Smith exempt from cell phone policies? At most other schools they’re to be turned off during school or taken from the student. Something tells me she’s not the only student that disregards that rule. If she’s that quick to report the teacher’s role in this issue, why didn’t she push that little button to record what she and her fellow students did to cause the outburst in the first place? Second, did anyone else hear the students talking, laughing during the audio clip? They didn’t even shut up to listen to what she had to say. Yet another disregard for rules and disrespect. Also, let’s talk about the students’ parents on Fox 8. There was a woman that said she didn’t like the fact that people assumed that just because you are black you’re from the ghetto.

% % %

Continuing. Lady, I hate to break it to you, but my husband and I do more break-in and vandalism repairs to homes near Smith High School than just about any part of town. The other areas off it are also in predominantly black neighborhoods, not to mention the renters in that area are more destructive to property than in a lot of neighborhoods. You can’t drive down Darden, High Point Road or Vandalia without blasting and boom, boom car stereos, another law broken, am I stereotyping? In your opinion I probably am, but if you don’t like the truth, dig yourself a hole and crawl on in because there are thousands of other people in this beautiful city of ours that agree with what I’m saying. But going back to Dr. Fair, had she been a black teacher and said those things, the black parents wouldn’t have gotten their panties in a wad. You have the gall to say that a woman shouldn’t be a teacher like that? Well, your students shouldn’t be disrespectful, but I seriously doubt you’ve addressed that issue with you child, have you? Think about it.


For the opinions to be this strong, GCS has a clear image problem and needs to do damage control on this one and fast.

 E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. EC, I wouldn’t go into either one of those schools, or several others in the area, even with a gun at my back. This situation has gotten worse since there were complaints from the mainly Black community that too many Black students were being suspended. (Pulpit Forum’s declaration of intolerable racism) So instead of addressing the problem at it’s roots the School Administration (Terry Grier) simply disallowed suspensions. If teachers wanted to keep their jobs they had better keep their problems in the classroom was the message and it was heard loud and clear by the teachers. This allowing the troublemakers to remain in the classroom is destroying the education for all of the students. Then we worry about the test scores. Then we hire another “expert” to tell us how to interpret the tests scores and another expert or two to tell us how to improve the test scores, but for God’s sake do it without tossing any troublemakers out of the classroom. BB

  2. This is the perfect example of the domino effect…or the perfect storm. But what’s sad is that we’re having storm casualties, and that’s our children who are trying to get an education and the staff that’s trying to do their job to teach.

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