Disruptive students get far too many assurances (N&R)

In a LTTE in today’s News & Record:

David Hoggard (Nov. 21) has it right. There is far too much emphasis on assuring the “rights” of the disrupter than there is on protecting the “rights” of the learner in our public schools. Are schools supposed to be places of learning or day care centers? I am luckier than most. In my classes, most of my students either want to learn or can be persuaded to. Some, a disruptive few, couldn’t care less and are there, I suspect, because their parents had no place else to put them during the day.

Sound harsh? What’s harsh (and unfortunate) is that the rights of good and decent children (and their parents) are violated every day in our public schools and it’s not politically correct to do much about it. Perhaps it is time for the advocates of the decent students to start pressing legislators and filing litigation in order to stem the tide.

No, it’s past time.

William Toth


E.C. 🙂


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