Truancy in Guilford County

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Doug Clark at the News & Record posts a blog entry today on what he sees as truancy at its worst…he’s referring to High Point’s Greenway that runs between Andrews H.S. and Welborn Middle School right next door.

Clark describes the situation as he was jogging along the Greenway this morning after classes began (which is around 8:30-8:40am):

So why did I pass kids trudging s-l-o-w-l-y toward school or just hanging around laughing and smoking? Must have been about a dozen in three different groups.

Is this the norm around our schools?


I told Clark:

…that greeneway has always had problems with kids either skipping school or being late to class. It was a problem two years ago when I was at Andrews.Nice to see things haven’t changed much.

Principals would try to rouse them periodically, along with SROs from both Welborn & Andrews, but they can only do so much, unfortunately. Since Guilford County (or Guilford County Schools) doesn’t have truant officers (wow…there’s a novel concept), it is left up to school administrators to shuffle them into school and back into class.


Again, this is not rocket science, people. We do clearly have a truancy problem in Guilford County and our kids only seem to get a slap on the wrist…it’s like pulling fire alarms just to end school early, there are rules, but no teeth to them.

By the way, here are some other comments:

jaycee said:

Why should they bother? They won’t be punished because it might hurt their “self esteem”
So they’re pretty much free to do as they wish. If a teacher talks to them about it all they have to do is assault the teacher and then claim they’re a “victim” of teacher abuse.


just saying said:

Plus, if the administration dared try to round up these kids, Deena Hayes and her buddies would promptly accuse the principal of racism. So like Jaycee says, the kids are pretty much free to act as they want. That’s just how it works in GCS.


GCS, in its published student handbook, says the following with regards to truancy:

 Unlawful absence will result in conferences with parents/guardians.
Unlawful absence and/or truancy may lead to disciplinary action to
include court proceedings involving parents and/or students if the
student is under sixteen years of age. North Carolina General Statute
(G.S. 115C-378) requires attendance until age sixteen (16).


I will point your attention to two other items…I reported on what Randolph County is doing back on April 19, 2007. Randolph unveiled a new truancy court back in the Spring designed to address chronic truancy in both Randolph County Schools and Asheboro City Schools. Reread this posting.

If we can’t be on the front-lines of this problem in GCS, then I will direct your attention to the headlining cartoon…if the kids can’t show up for school, then let’s get the parents in.

E.C. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, but they don’t count against Grier’s dropout rate as long as they are on the rolls. Of course, it does become a problem when they don’t graduate, but Grier can spin that one by just saying that they didn’t graduate in 4 years.

  2. The spin’s going to stop with me, Stormy.

  3. I teach ELEMENTARY school in Guilford Co. I have many students in my class who’ve racked up 6-10 absences in the first quarter alone. We’re not even talking about the tardy rate which is almost double that. Maybe I should contact the school social worker? Oh, WAIT A MINUTE!!!! We no longer have a social worker due to budget cuts. Don’t blame me when Johnny, Jenny, and Billy don’t pass their EOGs. Students need to be IN SCHOOL to learn!

  4. I agree, Mikey…wholeheartedly.

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