Board Meeting Agenda for 12/4/07

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 Click here for the 12/4/07 meeting agenda.

Items of interest on tap:

Election of Board Chairman and Vice Chairman
At the meeting of December 4, 2007, Board Attorney Jill Wilson will lead the board in the election process of the chairman position. The newly elected chairman will then lead the board in the election process of the vice chairman. If you have questions, please contact Attorney Wilson at 373-8850, prior to the meeting.


So will Alan Duncan lead the board once again with Amos as vice-chair? Any bets or wagers? Who would you like to see in the top spot? Respond with pithy comments only.

 School Improvement Targets for SCALE and High School Ahead Academy for 2007-08
At the meeting of December 4, 2007, the consent agenda includes a recommendation to approve the proposed school improvement targets for SCALE and the High School Ahead Academy for the 2007-2008 school year. The State Board of Education allows three year school improvement plans for non-alternative schools, however, improvement targets for alternative schools must be approved by the local Board of Education annually. For the two SCALE sites, these are the same goals the board approved for the past three years with increased targets based on percentage increase from prior results.  For the High School Ahead Academy this is the first plan. If you have questions regarding this item, please contact Dr. Mack McCary, chief academic officer, at 370-8106 or Dr. John Morris, chief student services officer, at 370-8380, prior to the meeting.


E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. There was supposed to be a staff report presented at the December 4 meeting regarding the arts cuts. Any idea why it’s not on the agenda?

  2. That’s a good question; I was looking for the same item. I’ll try to find out…

  3. Thanks E.C. Here’s the link to the minutes from the October 25 BOE meeting, It says, “Chairman Duncan asked for a report regarding the status of the district’s planning with respect to arts education and scheduling issues. Chief Human Resources Officer Peggy Thompson said that information can be provided at the December 4 board meeting.”

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