Admin Munchables for 12/4/07

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 1. Music. I’ve added some nice relaxing smooth jazz background music to the top-right-hand side of this page for your morning blog-reading pleasure (via the Sonific SongSpot widget). Send me your comments, tell me what you think. Like it? Hate it? In the way? I hope you’ll enjoy it because I’m a huge smooth jazz connoisseur. 2. Favorable press…Amanda Lehmert is the News & Record’s new higher education reporter, and she will be doing some fill-in work for Morgan Josey-Glover’s local education beat while Ms. Glover is out on maternity leave; by the way, congratulations go out to Ms. Glover on the birth of her new baby over the weekend. All the best!

Here’s a N&R Chalkboard blog posting from Lehmert on my remarks from yesterday:

Let the campaigning begin

In what must surely be a nod to the presidential campaign schedule, Erik “E.C.” Huey wasted no time throwing his hat into the ring for Guilford County Board of Education.

Technically, he announced his planned candidacy for an at-large school board seat in Nov. 2006.

Monday he reaffirmed his pre-candidacy at a pre-campaign press conference on the sidewalk across from the Guilford County School headquarters — about 12 weeks shy of the deadline to run for the race.

The one-reporter, one-blogger, one-candidate event was briefly interrupted by a truck trying to get into a parking space. But when he could be heard over the howling wind, Candidate Huey had some tough talk for school system.

The former high school teacher wants to strengthen school discipline policies, eliminate busing and create a new teacher whistleblower policy.

“Our children cannot afford any additional months of lackluster leadership,” said Huey, father to a second grader.

Huey will take a shot at the seat of long-serving board member Dot Kearns. It isn’t clear whether Kearns will run again next year.

No other potential candidates have formed a committee as of yet, according to the Guilford County Board of Elections.

Anyone interested in taking on Huey or the six board members who will be up for re-election next year has until Feb. 29 to file. The primary will be June 6. The election is Nov. 4.

Thanks for the favorable coverage, Amanda. Welcome to the N&R and welcome to Greensboro.


3. More favorable press…from SAVE GCS ARTS. Here’s a recent blog posting from their Website:

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Candidate Supports School Arts!

The May primary elections are approaching and at least one candidate for School Board is not letting any grass grow under his feet. E. C. Huey has been running what he dubs a “precampaign” for about a year now. In recent months he has repeatedly voiced his support in his blog for restoration of music and art instructional time – particularly that cut from our elementary and middle schools. While Mr. Huey frequently writes about ideas for reducing expenses throughout the system, he has also voiced support for reinstatement of the Cultural Arts Coordinator position.

A strong school arts supporter, Mr. Huey is a former teacher and journalist. He is the proud father of a GCS student who is active in the Girl Scouts. In addition to his campaign activities, Mr. Huey also operates a highly popular education blog.

Save GCS Arts! does not endorse specific candidates. Rather we seek to publicize each candidate’s positions on restoration of lost instructional time; reinstatement of the Cultural Arts Coordinator position; and other issues related to the arts in the Guilford County Schools.

We are encouraged and delighted to see a candidate express firm and unequivocal support for our children’s access to the cultural arts!


Thank you, as well, for the thumbs up. This campaign is gaining traction almost daily. If you haven’t done so, tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others. This campaign will not successful without you!

E.C. 🙂


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