Schools review art, music cuts (HPE)

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. An update on the arts/music cuts (or hopefully…restorations) from today’s High Point Enterprise. Katisha Hayes reports the gang of 11 heard from Professor Lynn Canady from U.Va. yesterday during a Board briefing to study ways to schedule more encore time without compromising core time in elementary and middle schools.

Readers will recall major cuts this year to critical cultural arts encore time, effectively shutting out cultural arts almost altogether. As you know, that hasn’t sat well with the community. This campaign has gone on record urging the immediate restoration of that encore time as well as the immediate restoration of the cultural arts coordinator position (see more at SAVE GCS ARTS–click here).

HPE excerpt:  Lynn Canady, a University of Virginia profes­sor, presented his scheduling ideas during the after­noon briefing, encouraging principals to consider techniques such as co-teaching and rotating sched­ules over six days.
“You’ve got to get away from scheduling by days of the week,” Canady said.
The district is addressing the scheduling issue large­ly due to teachers, parents and students who have been angered by a districtwide reduction in non-academic classes.
School officials have said the changes could help im­prove student performance – by lengthening time in core subjects and shortening the amount of electives – in the district’s middle schools, and at the elemen­tary level, the district sought a better way to allocate art and music specialists more equitably while at the same time offering classroom teachers more planning time.
Modifying class schedule alone won’t change stu­dent achievement, Canady said Monday, adding that it mostly depends on how teachers use the time.
School officials plan to present to the Guilford Coun­ty Board of Education at its Dec. 20 meeting recommen­dations that would at the elementary level implement foreign language in grades 3-5 as a part of language arts classes. Also, under this recommendation, it would en­sure that teaching specialists aren’t assigned to more than one school on any given day and that students are provided a weekly rotation of art, music and PE. At the middle school level, officials are recommending stu­dents get 75 minutes of electives and that schools use a scheduling model that would provide more time to remediate or enrich struggling students.


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