Deena Watch for 12/5/07

This posting will have multiple references to GCS Board member Deena Hayes. Viewer discretion is advised.

I said here before on this blog that I will be on the lookout for objectionable comments that are made during Board meetings in open session. This is no exception.

Here we go again…with you know who. And she was in rare form during last night’s Board meeting.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. She first expressed extreme displeasure with the recently-revamped MWBE contract award percentages/goals during a Board discussion of a pre-construction contract for Union Hill Elementary school. The contract was awarded with Hayes voting “nay.” Hayes apparently is not happy with GCS not meeting the percentages and goals that were changed back in the Spring.

Then, in closing comments, she attacked you all…you, the citizens of Guilford County, for being disrespectful to poor people.

Shame on you all for being disrespectful to the poor.

Hayes made the comments in reference to the recent situation by Dr. Evelyn Fair, the Smith H.S. music teacher who was thrown under the bus for caring about her kids. Hayes said last night (and I’m paraphrasing) that we’ve seen a lot of sympathy for Fair, but not sympathy for poor children.

Hayes said poor children are stressed, they come to school hungry, and they come from families who make minimum wage. Hayes says she’s received e-mails with insensitive comments about poor children and poor families, but she’s also received e-mails that were sympathetic towards the children in Fair’s class. Ms. Hayes, can you share some of these e-mails with the public?

Mind you, these were the same children that drove Fair to use the words she chose, the children who disregarded school rules about cell phones not being on and out in class, the children who talked right over Fair, when she was only trying to calm the class down simply because she cared.

Sometimes, it takes tough love. And these are words these children unfortunately are used to hearing…and sometimes, these same words are said to other teachers in classrooms.

But for Hayes, I’m interested in her comments because she once again put down a segment of the county’s population.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Smith is a good school, with good children and good staff. It is the school board, and GCS as a whole, that has failed Smith.

I’m active in my church. As such, I’m part of a volunteer group within my church that does outreach with the Open Door Ministries in High Point. We feed sandwiches every second Sunday; don’t you dare begin to tell me, Deena, that I’m disrespectful to the poor in Guilford County.

I have a trunk-full of coats that we recently collected at our church and that we’re about to donate to the Open Door Ministries, don’t begin to tell me that I’m disrespectful to the poor.

Yes, we do need to be more mindful of stressed-out children, but does that give them the right to act up in class? The fact that we have stressed-out children does not give them a ticket to be disrespectful and not follow school rules.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I found it interesting last night that Deena did not have any questions for Smith principal Dr. Noah Rogers when he made a brief presentation last night.

I also found it interesting that neither Deena, nor anyone else on the board had a comment about the teacher that was recently assaulted at Eastern Guilford H.S.

If this child was stressed out enough to kick, punch and choke a teacher, is this okay? Because your comments last night seem to openly condone bad behavior in schools.

The May elections cannot get here any quicker!

E.C. 🙂


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