Some say extra days should target Ferndale (HPE)

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. More coverage on Terry Grier’s exciting plans to extend your child’s school year involuntarily.

Today’s High Point Enterprise reports GCS brass will actually…gasp…hold a meeting with the Ferndale Middle School community to get their input.

Gee…why wasn’t this done prior to Grier’s proposal being made public? Yet, another example of GCS playing defense.

My hats off to Ferndale, for they’ve really made a comeback and is progressing in the right direction.

HPE: School officials want to plan a more in-depth meeting with the Ferndale Middle school com­munity about a proposal to extend the school year from 180 days to 200.
A number of angry parents attended Tuesday’s school board meeting object­ing to a plan for 20 extra days of school. School leaders believe it could boost stu­dent performance.
Most parents were fearful of more changes at Ferndale, which has strug­gled to meet federal testing goals from year to year – one reason school lead­ers want to keep kids in school longer. Several parents said the school is on the upswing and asked school officials not to halt progress at the school.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.  “Just give us a chance. Great things are happening (at the school),” parent Liz Day said as she addressed the board Tuesday during public comment.
“We are working so hard at this school,” Ferndale PTA member Janet Shapiro added, while another pointed out that the PTA has tripled parent in­volvement over the last two years.


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  1. There is a reason American students are lagging behind the world and that is the time given to learning. Our 180 school day was designed for the farm family when the kids were needed to help on the farm. And when a basic level of reading and arithmetic skills were also adequate. In todays world our people need so much more learning in order to keep up and 180 of school with very short school days at that just will not allow for this. It is no wonder to me that jobs are being outsourced to India; we simply don’t have the people educated well enough to do the jobs that need doing.

    Actually given the handicap American kids operate under it is like being in a fight with one hand tied behind their backs. Given this fact, our kids are making a pretty good showing of themselves. Just think what we could do if we would truly allow them to compete on an equal playing field. Think about that when you continue to advocate against longer school days and continue to think of America as a rural farm country as far as schooling and preparing to function well in todays society is concerned..

  2. EC Honey I really and truly admire you and want so much for you to become one of our leaders. I just think perhaps you are giving too much attention to the “experts” who are really just like our bunch at UNCG and NCA&T and have never spent a day in the classrooms they feel qualified to spout off about. Think about what makes sense before you gulp what these people , I would say fools, have to say. BB

  3. EC:

    I agree – the parents had every right to be consulted before this decision was thrust upon them when they opened the newspaper.

    Did you check into Ferndale’s School Report Card before making any of your comments? I did. Here are some of the positives:

    Overall Growth in Reading from 2005-06 to 2006-07 – up 8.1% (including a 16% increase in the 6th grade reading scores) The 8th grade showed a 77% passing rate.

    Overall Growth in Math from 2005-06 to 2006-07 – up 8.4% (including a 10.9% increase in the 6th grade and 7.9% in 7th grade)

    There was a dip in the math scores from 2005-06, however, the tests were re-normed that year. The district and state math scores dipped a lot that year too.

    In 2006-07, Ferndale met 30 of its 33 AYP targets which is 91%. Five middle schools had 33 to 37 subgroups, but only 1 made AYP. And the 4 other schools had MUCH lower poverty level than Ferndale. (50% or less)

    Last year Ferndale had the highest percentage of free or reduced lunch of all middle schools – 91.2%.

    It’s racial breakdown is
    African American 50%
    Asian 8%
    Hispanic 19%
    Multiracial 3%
    White 19%
    Look at the data – it’s not all negative.

    p.s. I do not work at Ferndale, nor am I a Ferndale parent. When I watched the passionate speakers on TV, it made me want to check the validity of their claims that things have improved.

  4. Brenda, you’re dead wrong on a copule of points. First, a huge portion of the underachieving student body has motivational issues. Extending the school day an hour or two will not help these children. The overachievers on the other hand, who are juggling sports and other extra-curricular activities, will be totally overwhelmed and exhausted from lack of sleep.

    The problem in America is not lack of time in school; it’s lack of respect for teachers, learning, and education in general. Countries like Japan, where teachers are treated like gods, don’t have to grapple with this issue.

    Secondly, jobs aren’t being outsourced to the most educated countries. If that were so, Western Europe, which has the most educated populace on the planet, wouldn’t have a 10-15% unemployment rate. The name of the game right now is sending jobs where there are no unions, no regualtions, and where people are willing to work for $1/per hour to strengthen multi-national corporations’ bottom lines and fatten their wallets.

  5. And another thing Brenda…….

    Where are you going to find the $$$$$ to pay teachers for longer school days? If you expect me to work even harder and longer than I already am for the same salary that is in effect a pay cut. My family is struggling financially as it is. Should this be the case, I will tender my resignation and Guilford Co. will lose yet another dedicated profesional.

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