Grant aims to boost parental involvement at Andrews High (HPE)

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Andrews High School just received a $1,000 state PTA grant to boost parental involvement, the High Point Enterprise reports. Kiser Middle School in Greensboro also received a parental involvement grant.

HPE: Andrews PTSA representatives say the funding will help them continue to host monthly programs as part of the Parent Academy that teach families everything from understanding graduation require­ments to how to look for signs of gang in­volvement.

We started the Parent Academy two years ago, and it was designed as a way to get parents more involved and more informed,” said PTSA member Verlyn Evans. “We wanted to bridge the gap be­tween home and school, especially with high school (students), when you can send a note home and it might not ever get home.”

The Andrews PTSA also will use the grant to develop a quarterly newsletter and other activities to encourage limited ­English speaking families to support the school.
“We’ve had a good response from His­panic and Pakistani families. I think it’s important to get those parents to under­stand more about what to expect from school,” Evans said.


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  1. EC the music is great!

  2. Erik, will you provide some interpretation for us as to what Monica Walker is saying i her 10 Plus interview in the N&R today? It sounds like a bunch of double talk to me. The N&R is full of it today (so to speak).

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