The cameras are coming (HPE)

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These are images from a typical on-board digital school bus camera. Soon, these cameras will be on about 80 GCS buses that have been targeted by excessive discipline referrals.

The High Point Enterprise reports the cameras cost about $1,400 per bus and are being funded through the dis­trict’s capital outlay budget for the 2007-­08 school year.

HPE: School officials expect the systems to be installed and up and running by the time students return from winter break. Jeff Harris, director of transportation, cur­rently is working with middle school ad­ministrators to identify which buses will be equipped with the added surveillance. Harris said school personnel will be able to rely on the cameras to monitor student behavior, allowing them to down­load video from the system’s hard-drive to a workstation or laptop computer for viewing.

“Schools will have a record (of what’s going on), and it will also assist drivers in maintaining discipline and order,” Har­ris said.

School officials are installing the cam­eras at the request of parents, school board members and principals concerned with unruly students on school buses. “The ultimate goal is a safe environment for all students on the bus. If they know video cameras are on there, they know any action will be recorded, and they are not going to be as apt to cause a ruckus or discipline problems,” Harris said.

According to the district, the monitor­ing systems are equipped with three cam­eras which will capture two views in the student passenger area, plus the driver and stairwell area. Harris said the sur­veillance video will be similar to security cameras installed inside some schools, which store footage up to 30 days.


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