Jamestown school replacement makes bond list (HPE)

 Jamestown Middle School (the original 2003 plans) has made the bond list…if it passes, according to a follow-up story in the High Point Enterprise over the weekend. The keywords are “if it passes.”

HPE: A propos­al for a 1,100-seat replacement school for Jamestown Middle School will be included on a fi­nal bond project list that’s been approved by school leaders.
The school board backed off a proposal to construct James­town on a smaller scale and to put a wing for autistic students at the school. Instead, the wing will be built as part of the origi­nal expansion plans for Rags­dale High.
Both Jamestown projects fall under a $457 million school con­struction list the Guilford Coun­ty Board of Education approved by an 8-3 vote on Tuesday.
The district wants to present the bond referendum to voters in the spring. As the board de­liberated before taking a vote last week, several members were unsure the amount of vot­er support the bond proposal would generate. “There are a lot of things that bother me about it,” board mem­ber Dot Kearns said before the vote. “It’s a compromise, and I don’t guess any of us agree with every single thing on it. The fi­nal result is to go forward and put it to citizens.”


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