No More

After this weekend, we all should be saying “no more.” Because simply proclaiming “Say no to violence” and “stop the violence” doesn’t seem to be working.

Today’s headlines alone speak volumes…(via the N&R):

1. Homicide at a Greensboro restaurant on High Point Rd., MS-13 gang suspected.

2. Men with shotguns try to rob Pisgah Church Rd. Harris Teeter supermarket in Greensboro (robberies have increased double-digits this year alone all over Greensboro, High Point and Guilford Co. alone).

3. Subway on N. Elm Street robbed.

4. Bojangles restaurant robbed early Friday morning.

5. An unidentified man found dead in his home on Greensboro’s Warren Street.

6. Long-time nativity scene on the Greensboro College campus is horribly vandalized beyond repair…I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

No more.

Marching doesn’t seem to be working. Writing letters to the editor and making phone calls to talk shows doesn’t seem to be working either.

Greensboro City Council will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow to discuss the recent rash of violence. Police chief Tim Bellamy is expected to give testimony on what the Greensboro PD is doing to stop the violence. But they can’t stop it alone.

No more.

Praying in the sanctuaries on Sunday mornings doesn’t seem to be stemming the violence. Neither is throwing money at the problem with no checks-and-balances.

No more.

So what will stop the violence?

Just like this campaign is a movement, it will take a concentrated movement to demand better from our elected officials, to demand that they craft a plan with key stakeholders and properly execute that plan so we can have peace in our streets.

No more.

That plan may include creating jobs so our young people can work after school and on weekends…they can do something productive. That plan may also include expanded job training for the grown-ups. That plan may include expanding robbery task forces with all of the county’s law enforcement agencies because the robberies are out of control to a point that we will not have any economic development anymore until the robberies stop. That plan may include improved drug treatment facilities.

And I’m not saying let’s be like the Joneses (a la Raleigh-Charlotte, etc.), but there’s a reason why they continue to pass us right by. We as a county need to wake up, wipe the sleep from our eyes, we need to stand up and demand action from our so-called elected leaders and demand results from that action.

Alright class, everyone say in unison: “No more.”

When we have so-called elected leaders wasting taxpayer time acting silly and spouting out gobble-de-gook at every School Board/City Council/County Board meeting so they can look good in front of the cameras instead of dealing with real problems in our county, we have missed the boat. I will not name names…I do not have to name names; you all know who I’m referring to.

No more.

The silliness and stupidity has to stop. And it has to stop now.

No more.

E.C. 🙂


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