Brawl Reported at Grimsley

UPDATES BELOW… The News & Record is reporting a massive fight occurred at Grimsley High School early this morning.

Details appear to be sketchy, but paramedics were called to the scene and Greensboro PD sent its “Mobile Command Center” to the school campus.

See this staff report:

A fight at Grimsley High School today brought several extra police officers to the school.

The fight may be related to a previous fight that occurred recently off campus, said Greensboro police Sgt. D.J. Davis.

Further details were not released. An ambulance was sent to the school this morning; injuries were not believed to be serious.

At 9 a.m., an announcement over the school’s loudspeaker told students to go into the classrooms while police conducted a sweep of the hallways.

Greensboro police sent their Mobile Command Center to Grimsley.


First, it was Page, back in October. Then Southern High last month. Folks, this is unfortunately becoming a regular routine, and this is not good.


UPDATE: 12/04/07, 10:28AM: N&R is reporting the fight occurred about 8:30am and may have stemmed from a previous fight that occurred off-campus. An updated brief also says “several students were involved” and that those involved “will be disciplined according to the Guilford County Schools guidelines.” We know what that means…they’ll be back in class in 2 weeks.


UPDATE: 12/04/07, 1:27PM: Two teens were arrested and charged in this fight, the N&R is reporting this afternoon.


UPDATE: 12/05/07, MIDNITE: Link to CBS-2 story with video. It’s all on candid camera as students caught the incident on cell phone video.

Link to local blogger David Hoggard here; he’s got a daughter that attends Grimsley and she captured some photos, which are posted on his site.

Right now, it appears to be a conflict between “neighborhood groups,” not gangs. And of course, it spilled over into the school this morning. News & Record has multimedia on the front page of its main website, click the link under “multimedia” that says “Hampton Homes Dispute Erupts.”

Link to 12/15/07 N&R story here.

E.C. 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Western Guilford will be added to the list sometime this school year. It’s brewing there as sure as coffee at Starbucks.

  2. Tuna, are you my WG correspondent? What’s going on out there? What are you hearing?

  3. YO, da nissa, da fight waz crushial….. da nissa….. da fight waz crazii./… da nissa….. Dey waz fightin 4 a good 20 min…. DA NISSA…… shyte waz wild…. da nissa….. i had front row seats….. da nissa….. thingz iz gon get uglier too…… da nissa….. im tellin u….. da nissa…..da nissa da nissa………….DA NIIISSSSSSSSSSAAAAAA……… wE aLl GoN dIe !!!!!!

    da nissa…..signin off…

  4. Well, I did say this blog was spreading like wildfires, didn’t I?

  5. Erik, I visit the school often and have a deep cover agent on the inside. So far this semester the agent has reported seeing drugs openly being sold in the hallway, weed being smoked in the bathroom. You want drugs? Just have to put the order in and they’ll be delivered to you at school the next day.

    Former students are coming to school and spending the entire time in the 3 lunch back to back periods selling dope, off campus people coming on campus and beating up targeted students on at least two occasions.

    The week before last a girl got kicked in the low stomach by a student in the hallway and ended up in the emergency room later that night with reproductive complications. She transferred to another school the next week. The student had to be kept in isolation by the School admins as he was threatened with a beating by numerous students (not that I can fault them). He wasn’t disciplined by the school for injuring the girl.

    There was one minute long gang fight in a stairwell week before last also, about 10 kids involved.

    The gang situation isn’t as volatile as other schools as there’s no huge public housing projects represented at Western, but there is a definite gang presence as described by the agent. I’ve personally seen kids greeting each other with gang handshakes.

    There’s one school resource officer and these kids can sell dope behind his back. He’s over worked, underpaid and is given the assignment that would take 10 people to perform with any manner of thoroughness.

    Earlier this year kids were skipping school and climbing up to the roof of the old Friendly Road Inn nearby and having a weed fest inside, or they go behind the dumpster at the back far end of the Guilford College Harris Teeter, completely invisible to the world.

  6. Oh, all the city has to do is run a drug dog through the classrooms and they’d knock out a lot of the problem. But that would cause bad press for Guilford County Schools so we know that will never happen.

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