Big problems brewing at Western H.S.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The next school we may be reading about in the news is Western Guilford H.S. The home of the Hornets may become the hornets nest if we don’t address some serious issues there…and fast.

A poster with intimate knowledge of the school writes in with some frightening details:

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I visit the school often and have a deep cover agent on the inside.  So far this semester the agent has reported seeing drugs openly being sold in the hallway, weed being smoked in the bathroom.  You want drugs?  Just have to put the order in and they’ll be delivered to you at school the next day.

Former students are coming to school and spending the entire time in the 3 lunch back to back periods selling dope, off campus people coming on campus and beating up  targeted students on at least two occasions.

The week before last a girl got kicked in the low stomach by a student in the hallway and ended up in the emergency room later that night with reproductive complications.  She transferred to another school the next week.  The student had to be kept in isolation by the School admins as he was threatened with a beating  by numerous students (not that I can fault them).  He wasn’t disciplined by the school for injuring the girl.

There was one minute long gang fight in a stairwell week before last also, about 10 kids involved.

The gang situation isn’t as volatile as other schools as there’s no huge public housing projects represented at Western, but there is a definite gang presence as described by the agent.  I’ve personally seen kids greeting each other with gang handshakes.

There’s one school resource officer and these kids can sell dope behind his back.  He’s over worked, underpaid and is given the assignment that would take 10 people to perform with any manner of thoroughness.

Earlier this year kids were skipping school and climbing up to the roof of the old Friendly Road Inn nearby and having a weed fest inside, or they go behind the dumpster at the back far end of the Guilford College Harris Teeter, completely invisible to the world.

Oh, all the city has to do is run a drug dog through the classrooms and they’d  knock out a lot of the problem.  But that would cause bad press for Guilford County Schools so we know that will never happen.

This is your Guilford County Schools, ladies and gentlemen…the best your tax money can buy.

This is troubling, this is frightening, and this needs to get fixed…and fast!

E.C. 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Hornet Alumni here….

    Whatcha talking about Willis?… Every school in the Guilford County School system has been like this for the last 30 years. I graduated Western in 95 and all the kids smoked pot, one fight ended with one student being thrown through the safety glass on the second story of the media center, and atleast one of us made it on to America’s Most wanted post graduation.

    This is school, this is life, this is what kids who live in the country do when you live in a town with nothing to do. You get in trouble.

  2. Unfortunately my high school years 70-74 at Dudley High School were exactly like that. Gang violence, shootings at school, muggings, robberies in the class rooms, every kind of drug one could imagine back then and no one in government or school administration who gave a damn. I skipped school and got high because it was safer than being in class.

  3. Beth, I know (I was young once), but it still doesn’t make it right. And these are things that should be addressed on an administrative level, but they’re not. And the result? Page…Southern…Grimsley…Western (???)…who’s next? We have two board members pledging more programs? What we have isn’t working. Yes, let’s give these kids something to do, let’s helping them get part-time jobs after school, but let also combine our resources to enforce school rules.

  4. What exactly do students like Beth need to do? Sounds like a poor excuse to me. Kids have grown up in towns much smaller than Greensboro and didn’t get into this kind of trouble. It sounds me as though that is just as excuse. How about athletics after school for starters, or band, or part time job, or ….. Oh, never mind.

  5. Honestly now. This is the way that schools are around here and it is something we need to get used to. The way I see it, you are not having a high school experience without drugs and violence. If our children don’t get introduced to it at a resonable age ( such as high school ) then what are they to do once they get into college or turn 21. Oh, and Stormy, i know i may be a little late leaving this comment but leave Beth alone. At least she spoke the truth. This is life, or high school at least. Quit being so blind and open your eyes.

  6. You all sound very ignorant, yes these are all things that are going on in schools today even elementory& middle. But should we say “this is life” or should we do something.We as black people are so quick to say “well thats the way it is” and act as if we cant do anything. It starts at home, kids learn most things like drug use, fighting, crusing,etc. at home. If you read the article dummies you’ll see a young BOY kicked a young lady in the stomach! and we act like this is normal. I guess its going to take one of your children getting shot in the head in another school shooting before we talk with some sense or do something.

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