Tonight at 11: Your teacher on YouTube I ran into this article from Education Week (registration may be required) by accident, but it is very pertinent in today’s instant hi-tech world.

Students are using cellphones on a regular basis to film their classroom teachers and are posting them in record numbers on the popular YouTube website. And it is becoming a cause for concern among education circles.

At first, it was everything from fire drills…

to fights in the school yard…

…now, students are using them (in many cases…illegally) to film their teachers while instruction is taking place.

Here’s one such example where a student drives a teacher to the brink (pardon the minor language in this one):

It does not appear any of these schools are Guilford County Schools, but they are typical of what goes on in our Guilford County Schools.

Remember the recent incident involving Smith High School’s Dr. Evelyn Fair?

This Education Week story lays out the case and explains how the proliferation of cellphone video is having a chilling effect in the overall school environment:, concern is growing among teacher advocates that the proliferation of such videos is causing stress for teachers and some students, and could have a chilling effect on classroom discussions.

“It is disturbing to the educational process,” said David Strom, the general counsel for the American Federation of Teachers, because the fear of being taped could change how teachers interact with students.

What’s more, the trend could deter class participation by students “who wouldn’t want to speak up for fear of being mocked, if they felt their answers would be put up on the Internet,” Mr. Strom said. “The whole environment would be affected in a very significant way.”

The threat of exposure by cellphone cameras has potential professional, as well as emotional, consequences for teachers.

Again, it is probably no better time than the present to examine GCS policy, make a uniform rule, attempt to enforce it, and make it have teeth.

E.C. 🙂


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