The e-mail that’s about to land Grier in hot water with English teachers

As if Terry Grier didn’t have enough problems on his plate right now…every English teacher in Guilford County is likely about to raise cain with Grier…over an e-mail.

This is the e-mail Grier sent out this morning noting the incident at Oak Hill Elem. School last night:

I spoke to the principal of Oak Hill Elementary School this morning. Sara Roberts informed me that three female parent, with a history of disliking each other, attended a school Holiday program last night. During the program they began shouting obscenities at each other. The incident escalated into a chair throwing, hair pulling, fight. Two other female parent (sic) tried to break up the fight and also became involved. At the same time, a small group of male parents began shouting vulgarities and obscenities. The police was called, but many of those involved left before they arrived.

Since it was a school activity, many parents had video cameras present and taped much of the fight. Someone sent a copy of their tape to Fox 8. The police is coming to the school this morning to interview staff present. No charges have been filed to date.

This e-mail was loaded with grammatical errors. Can you spot the errors?
With all due respect, it is likely that he has paid staff to type out his e-mails, but you would think if he’s typing out a message, that he would hit the “grammar check” button before sending it out. This just looks bad.

1. Sara Roberts informed me that three female parent

…should read three female parents…

2.  attended a school Holiday program last night.

…”holiday” should be in small letters, as the context here is not a proper name. If he used the word “Christmas,” then it would be capitalized.

3.  Two other female parent…

…should read “Two other female parents…”

4.  The police was called…

…should read “The police were called…”

5.  The police is coming to the school this morning…

…should read “The police are coming to the school this morning…”


I’m not nitpicking here, but I honestly would expect better from someone who runs the third largest school system in the state and makes over $200,000 a year, and is likely to take a job out west making nearly a quarter-of-a-million. This sets a poor example for our children who are learning middle and high school grammar.

I know I’ve let some typos and grammar errors slip through the blog from time to time, but this is blatant…and very unprofessional.

Since I’m not really working right now (I’m substitute teaching in another county, but it really doesn’t pay the bills and I’ve been on the job hunt since September with little success), I could offer Mr. Grier my communications consulting services…at a reasonable cost.

If you’re interested, Terry, call me.

E.C. 🙂


One Response

  1. Erik,

    Grier’s comp package right now at GCS is closer to $300,000. He makes more money than the San Diego incumbent.

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