Christmas Week highlights coming up

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Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope Santa brought you all the toys and Barbies you wanted and that new Lexus.

Here’s what’s coming up later in the week when the blog resumes:

1. Last week, GCS Board Chairman Alan Duncan lectured to us about pressuring the County Commissioners to restore $3 million in yanked funding to help restore order in our schools. County Commissioner Bruce Davis responds to Duncan’s charges, I’ll post them here in its entirety, with analysis.

2. Deena’s at it again. More analysis coming up as a result of the latest outrageous comments by GCS Board member Deena Hayes.

3. Former Greensboro City Councilwoman Sandy Carmany makes some curious comments about charter schools on her blog. I’ll attempt to get an explanation about her comments and give you my thoughts about school choice.

4. The High Point Enterprise runs a short series on middle schools and what Welborn Middle School is up to these days. I’ll give you the scoop and I’ll flash back to some comments I made and thoughts I shared about middle schools earlier in the year.

5. The proposed Twilight School is no longer a proposed school. It’s opening in a matter of weeks…days. I’ll have the latest information right here.

6. The February filing period is only weeks away. I’ll have the latest campaign information so that you’re caught up to date.

Enjoy your Christmas, and save some egg nog for me!

E.C. 🙂


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