Bruce Davis answers Alan Duncan Guilford County Commissioner Bruce Davis (Dist. 1-High Point) has responded (via this website) to GCS Board Chairman Alan Duncan’s lecture last week about restoring $3 million in funding that the embattled school system requested earlier in the year.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Duncan chastised County Commissioners for failing to fully fund schools (specifically $3 million that the schools were looking to use to advance anti-violence initiatives) during the Chairman’s closing remarks at last week’s School Board meeting. Duncan is also challenging citizens to begin filling the County Board’s chambers on a regular basis to begin speaking out on issues as it relates to the County Board funding the schools.

Here is Davis’ response:

…as you can imagine comments (passing the buck) further divide us- Commissioners and Board of Education members- does little to help educate our children. Fortunately there are individuals who do not feel that more money is the answer to all the problems facing our schools.

However, if the chairman or other members of the school board deemed it necessary to address the rising violence in our schools- which I believe should be a priority-the funding given should be placed where it will make the greatest impact.

Commissioners must respond to the needs of the entire county, not only funding schools, however; providing a variety of social services to the elderly and the needy, EMS, Health and the environmental concerns, Sheriffs, Parks and recreation, and all else in between. 

In closing we do not fund or choose not to fund certain school programs. We provide the schools with a fraction (nonetheless over and beyond the required obligations mandated by the state) of the cost to function as a school district. The programs that they choose to fund or not to fund is all at the discretion of the school board.

While I disagree with Commissioner Davis politically on certain issues, I thought his response was candid and honest. I appreciate that.

Of course, Duncan is missing the entire point…if he’s going to start complaining about school funding, he needs to begin lobbying our state legislators, as they are the ones not funding our schools properly…which goes toward my biggest complaint that our state school funding formula needs sweeping changes.

If other Guilford County commissioners wish to respond to Duncan’s lecture, they too, will have an open floor here. This blog is your blog, and it is very interactive, if you haven’t figured out already.

E.C. 🙂


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  1. David made a good point about what programs aren’t funded. The commissioners don’t approve or disapprove programs. As a matter of fact, it’s been said many times that once the school allocation is approved, the schools do whatever with the money that they choose. Alan Duncan stepped in this time with his mouth! Nice catch there, Mr. Davis.

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