The victimization of our children has to stop

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I said back in October that everyone in Guilford County who is concerned about the sorry state of race relations here lately should buy this book.

This is Bill Cosby’s new book, titled “Come on People: On the Path from Victims to Victors” (click here to buy it now from

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Seems as though two of our GCS Board members need to pick up and read this book from cover to cover. Or maybe I should send it to them as a gift.

The constant victimization of our children has to stop. And these two individuals have the ability to take the lead and set a fine example for our children.

Unfortunately, they won’t.

First, more fallout from board member Doctor Walt Childs, in reference to his asinine comments following the big Grimsley fight a few weeks ago. Here’s a dynamite letter to the editor in today’s News & Record, which says it all:

Don’t blame poverty for student misbehavior

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Does school board member Walter Childs have a few screws missing in his head? For him to say that poverty causes students to fight – “they fight because they don’t have the same kinds of things other kids have” – is ludicrous.

Poverty does not cause fighting. Lack of self-respect, lack of self-discipline and lack of manners are causes for fighting. Don’t tell me, Mr. Childs, that every poor family in Greensboro has children that fight. That is ridiculous.

My child is a former Grimsley student. I would pick her up at school and listen to the language that came out of some of the high schoolers’ mouths. I would watch the pushing and the shoving that went on beyond the eyes of administration. I would listen to these “children” talking to each other, talking back to their teachers and bus drivers.

Poverty does not cause fighting, Mr. Childs. When our children are not brought up to respect themselves, to respect others and their property … that’s when values break down. It starts in the home.

Good values, morals and respect are in “poor” homes too. Mr. Childs, you are painting the picture wrong.

Lisa-Ann Andrews


I’ve heard from several Grimsley parents and students (past and present) who are concerned about their school, and they have choice words for our school board, many of which cannot be repeated here.

GCS Board, are you listening?


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Of course not, because this individual is a prime example of victimization at its worst and it is sickening.

We’re still reeling from the latest idiotic comments by Board member Deena Hayes last week when she openly asked during a recess in the last school board meeting if there was any support in the black community for arts and music in schools.

As you know, it is unfortunately only the latest in a string of controversial divisive diatribes dating back to 2002 when the former local NAACP activist was elected to her first term on the GCS Board. If you Google “Deena Hayes” in the search bar, her name lights up like a Christmas tree.

And, if you’ve been paying attention to her closing comments in the last two Board meetings, she’s been championing victimization by lecturing to us about not forgetting that we have poor people who reside in Guilford County and we should recognize that our children are stressed and come to school hungry.

But what about the children who come from poverty and low-income households and who come to school to learn and who follow the rules? You never talk about them, Deena. If you ever bothered to visit my classroom when I taught at Andrews a couple of years ago, Deena, you would have seen that to be the case in my classroom.

I said this before…I’m not raising my daughter to be a victim because she’s not. The only thing she may be a victim of, in modern day 2007-about to be-2008, is the stupidity by some who hold elective office in Guilford County who harbor discriminatory feelings.

E.C. 🙂


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  1. Talk of the Nation, December 6, 2007 · In a new book, Come On People, comedian Bill Cosby and psychiatrist Alvin Poussaint urge struggling African American communities to get “on the path from victims to victors.” …

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